[SUGGESTION] Firefloor Player Counter

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  1. So I went to the Firefloor event twice.

    I noticed people asking many, many times how many players are left (have I said 'many' enough in that sentence? :D)

    Adding an automatic 'Players left' counter would be a solution for that, so people can see exactly how many people are left in the game, and don't have to spam the chat to ask:

    R Player1: Say fire if you're still in!
    R Player2: Fire
    R Player3: fire
    R Player4: fire
    R Player5: Fire
    R Player6: fire
    R Player1: Ok, so 5 people left
    Also, if possible, add a status bar message (not a chat message) every time a player falls, with the name of that player.
  2. This type of feature, and many other things I cannot discuss, are planned for the Games server.
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  3. You saw nothing...
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  4. Wait, what was I doing again?
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