[Suggestion] Fire-spread and Grass-spread

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by mogrimoogle, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Would it it possible to make these two separate flags? The issue right now is that if you disable the fire-spread flag, then grass will stop spreading as well. There's been a lot of mishaps with burning residences lately, so I thought it might be a good idea to separate these two and have fire-spread off by default and grass-spread on by default.

    This would also allow the creations of safe public wool farms as all that is needed to shear sheep is the use flag. Currently enabling the use flag also allows the use of flint and tinder, which could burn down the whole farm because fire spread needs to be on for the grass to grow.
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  2. There is another flag, ignite, which if set to false will prevent player started fires. It does not prevent natural fires (i.e. lava setting something alight)
  3. Justin has plans in future updates for more detailed flags. e.g. "Shear" instead of "Use."

    I think access to his to-do list would be neat feature - people would be able to see if there was an idea already planned before suggesting it.
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  4. Thanks! I had no clue this existed. I looked up the Residence Wiki and found the rest.
  5. I'm actually quite against the idea of having a seperate flag for shearing sheeps. I can imagine people competing against each other to have a more efficient sheep farm, by breeding more sheeps in their res, which would cause lag.

    As for having grass spread as a seperate flag, it would be quite useful for someone who has a construction that could be burnt down while having a farm, such as mycelium, on the same res.
  6. I guess, but it wouldn't really be a MAJOR issue would it?
  7. It would be just like the time when villagers over populate, causing some to be unable to even move in their res, except its sheeps instead of villagers in this case.