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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by vakito, Aug 10, 2015.

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  1. This may have been suggested before idk but It would be useful to have a command where you typed /find [playername] and it showed what server they were on, what world they were in and the co-ordinates

    For example: /find vakito

    -2000 64 -2000

    Or if I'm offline: /find vakito


    It would be quite useful for finding friends instead of having to go through every single map and such!
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  2. You mean /p [player]? :)
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  3. Wow, I'm an idiot. Please excuse me while I cry in a corner :c
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  4. As what UnicornChin said /p works for server and world {as long as they have map hide turned off on /ps} but the co-ordinates aren't the best idea because people could find you outpost, farms e.t.c and grief them
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  5. As Rainbow said, /p [playername] will show which world they're in, if they have Map Hide turned off. It won't show coordinates. However, I can't see any benefits to a /find command. Just asking a friend for their coordinates would work just as well.

    And, there's always the possibility of this being abused. Players could use this to find others' bases, follow them constantly, and grief.
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  6. nub
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  7. /p works as said above :p
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