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  1. I enjoy animal breeding, especially horses, since you can have several goals in breeding. Any chance of expanding this sort of mechanic to other animals?
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  2. Could you go into a little more detail? So I can try to shed a little light into this :p
  3. Yeah. Also, EMC has added many hostile mobs, but how about adding more sheep. Maybe adding llamas? :eek:
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  4. u can breed sheep, cows, mooshrooms, piggies, chickens and my fav.: bunnies. u can keep squids (yikes! ^.^) and bats thx to the /shop eggs, but u cant breed those. is that what u mean?

    id love to watch someone breed a bat, that should be funny to see :D
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  5. If Mojang added llamas first Id laugh my butt off, then maybe hop on EMC and start a llama breeding service.

    But am I getting that you want their to be more custom mobs? Just wondering.
  6. I mean that bunnies/cats/sheep can be bred on one attribute (color), dogs/pigs/chickens can be bred on no attributes, but horses have like four. Color, speed, jump, and hp. And then there's stuff like squid and bats that we can keep but not breed. The ability to breed and/or more breeding attributes would be awesome.
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  7. Well, if I understand MC properly, the horses are programmed to have their new bred stats entirely dependent on the two parents. Like you said, color, speed, etc. But, this only applies to horses, and that's MC code in general, not EMC code.
    -Cats only have 3 (4?) default skins. It's one or the other really, no blending
    -Bunnies have different coats, and they are already generated with the parent traits in mind
    -sheep, they are genetically white, grey, dark grey, light grey, and black. The only time where customization of their colors come in is when dye is manually applied.

    last point to the list: Horses are the only ones that truly need more than skin attribute, because they are ridden. you don't need a bunny running at mach speed :p

    Overall, it's a cool idea I never really thought of, but it'd probably need to be supported on Minecraft development's end.
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  8. Sheep are based on parent color, and colors can mix (two red sheep make a Red sheep while a red and white sheep make a pink sheep)
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  9. really? i never knew that :eek:
  10. Yes we do! :mad:

    turbo killer bunnies at mach speed FTW! :D

    (as long as they still look cute ^.^)
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  11. Yeah I think there should be more custom mobs. Maybe a monthly competition for the best mob designs? The winner's mob could be implemented into EMC for a week or two... Just an idea though.
  12. Not possible. All EMC mobs are based on vanilla mobs.
  13. Well that doesn't necessarily mean not possible, just that it hasn't been done. It is an interesting idea. Probably not one I would use much but it adds something to the game. It does stray a bit from the whole "almost vanilla" style that we see in EMC though. Maybe start a animal breeding server/client mod and start your own server? I can't see this happening in EMC. It would take a lot of planning, developing and troubleshooting for a feature that not many would probably be interested in using.
  14. I wasn't saying custom breeding isn't possible, I was saying a llama was impossible. It'd require client-side mods to work, which EMC would never require.
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  15. Since this is a game why stop at just having custume hostle mobs lets have so special friendly mobs.
    Here are some ideas for some friendly mobs that have special skills and do stuff;
    Dwarfs - thee guys can be breed and will do your digging if you keep them happy :),
    Parrots (for Pirates), Flying Monkeys, Fairies, Harpies (might be hostle too), Ghosts (good in caves) and other made up mobs.
  16. The threads a little old, lets not BUMP it ;)