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  1. My idea is a On-Forum idea that will make EMC more organized for events.
    A calender which shows what days a event will happen. The players may have a choice to vote for which event and/or time for their liking/convenience. All of the event threads are so far away that one page would make event browsing a lot easier. A second event calendar would be present also.
    A player event page so that players can put links to their forum thread and tell what event/time!
    The player may only change their own events and, if they are needed to be canceled or rescheduled they would add a reason of why or why not. If someone clutters the event schedule it would be punished as if it was spamming on the forums.
    Alright that's it, post any questions or your opinion :D
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  2. If implemented well, this could be pretty cool. However, it seems like it might be a good deal of work to integrate.
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  3. Morning Bump~
  4. Seems like a good idea. Like a calendar over by the forums boxes. Only mods could post events. And you could post events for yourself. It would help a lot of people.
  5. Yeah, I like this idea but I think that it'd be better off going BELOW the "Recent Activity" sidebar.

    Could also be collaborated with this, but I think that it has been forgotten. :p