[Suggestion] event notifications, master mode diff, and blood moon.

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  1. event notification: notification noise that players get for a staff event coming up in chat which can be disabled or enabled in player settings.

    master mode: diff 7 but you are not allowed to wear armor making it much harder to fight mobs mostly for players who are really good at fighting mobs and will automatically disable in town.

    blood moon: only appears at a chance of it happening on full moons which will say on screen "the Blood Moon rises" and will make mobs stronger for the whole night.
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  2. 1st idea- +1

    2nd idea- I feel like it would not be good to prohibit armor... and the player, if they want a challenge can take it off themselves. BUT, I like the idea of limiting some stuff. I would do
    • not be able to use: potions, beacon buffs, haunted candy
    • Limit/standarize enchantements in gear —> sort of like fair pvp where every things the same, but let say, a helmet has prot lvl 4. The cap will be at lvl 2, so the enchant will act as a lvl 2.

    3rd idea- its ok- only that it would only affect players at X difficulty and above
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  3. Idea 1: +1 great idea, and I feel like they should have already added this :p

    Idea 2: I feel the same as Tuqueque, but thats a good idea to limity things so +1
    Idea 3: Very creative! +100 haha. I feel like this would be a pretty awesome perk to EMC! :D
    And even if not all players would be affected, with the new update with those flying things that attack players if they don't sleep, I feel like EMC could edit those mobs to be enranged and attack even if they did sleep, or even make a boss out of it. So most players would be effected anyways, and it would get very interesting all of a sudden haha.
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  4. +1
    I personally think this could be a good thing for Dystopia. From my understanding, Dystopia is going to be a place that is rather difficult, and I think that this could help add to it. You can see that it was accepted Here.
    So +0.5
    This reminds me of Breath Of the Wild. :p
    +1 Although I think it needs to be a PS setting.

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  5. +1