[Suggestion] Established Frontier Outposts Get Residence Chat

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  1. Hey community! I had this idea and wanted to share it with you all!
    I feel when visiting an outpost /c l will let other people know what you are talking about making your conversation available to nearby people who you dont want listening to listen, and I feel making a group with your friends everytime you are out there is just annoying.
    Key Points :
    The chat would be OPTIONAL for the people who dont want it.
    When you enter the outpost you would just type /c r like you would when entering a normal residence.
    I'm not sure what you guys will think about this. Please leave opinions and suggestions on how to improve this suggestion :p
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  2. I feel like this could be one of the perks Aikar and Krysyy have talked about. It would be part of a tier package you would buy with tokens for your established outpost. Other perks have been mentioned like tp to and from town to the outpost. Though all these extras are part of some tier package still in the works.
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  3. I know other perks have been suggested, I just think this would be a nice addition to the package
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  4. BUMP!
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  5. But... it's not a residence... Makes no sense
  6. -1
    just make a group....
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