[SUGGESTION] Escape Rooms on /games

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What do you think?

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  1. Chickeneer entertained designing a Minecraft escape room in a recent status. MoreMoople said, "Yes. Yes. All the yes." I'm on board with the idea too! My comment:

    Of course, there are probably other ways it could be done too, and I'd appreciate them being posted here if you know of any. Those are just the things I thought of. What do you think? :cool:
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  2. I should mention. That I think it would be fun to design one.
    At no point should it be implied that I think this is easy, nor fast to accomplish.
  3. it can also be interpreted as a rpg style dungeon delving with both monster hunting + puzzle solving.

    or themed in any manner as many irl escape rooms do.
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  4. Commentary.

    When I speak about Escape Rooms. I intend to convey that one's gaming ability is not a component in "beating" a MC escape room. Just as in an IRL escape room does not not require a physical fitness component. This would exclude both complex parkour and dangerous mob killing.

    In my mind, the puzzle could include killing a mob to get a drop or cause some other thing to happen. But not as a skill check. Similarly a couple block wide jump could be integrated into the design of a build which hides a hint - but again not a skill gate towards completing the overall puzzle.
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