[Suggestion] English/ European National holiday promos

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  1. Dear EMC,
    I have noticed that EMC doesn't celebrate any (correct me if I am wrong) European and English holidays such as the national harvest festival or Bastille day, English independence day (when we left Europe) , The Celtic festival etc. Only having American holidays kinda makes me feel a bit left out, because I know I won't be celebrating that holiday, and its nice to get a promo for it, but it feels meaningless.
    I hope you understand what I mean if your in America, but people from the Netherlands, England, Germany, France ect. I think might get what I mean :rolleyes:
    btw I am sorry if this whole paragraph doesn't make sense, I am not very good at english (the subject lol)
    - Guill
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  2. I find this idea to be very intriguing. I think EMC could use a few more promos and promo ideas as well since it is something people typically enjoy and others that speak English (server rules) need to feel equal just like we Americans do. So as the American I am, I cast a yes vote to you on this. +1 !
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  3. Though, as someone from the Netherlands, I'm probably a little bit biased, I do think that this is a good idea. More promo's/stuff to celebrate certain holidays is always fun, and could even be used for an educational purpose; a bit of information/history about the holiday could be given in the frontpage post. Different holidays could be chosen in different years, to give a larger variety in the holidays, and so that there is more space for more holidays, as all in one year would, in my opinion, be a bit too much.

    Either way, a +1 from me for this idea. :)
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  4. While I'm for more international or other country specific events being celebrated, there comes the price that promos will just become lesser and lesser. Things being created for the sake of it. Not to mention the amount of country specific events there are internationally. I'm split on this one for the sake that it may just saturate the promo market even more than ever.
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  5. They won't add any promos from another country, as if they did they would have to do all them or people would feel left out. They do America as its the home of the server.

    I am not american, I am canadian and there are many holidays they don't celebrate...
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  6. Also, Y U NO 5 de mayo promo?!?
  7. They where just the first holidays / events I could think of :p
    The promo market in theory wouldn't saturate the market if the promos are all different for example for cinco de mayo the promo could be a shiny baked potato with gold text saying burrito, that could be used as a flaming arrow shooter (idk :p this is the first thing that came to my mind lol!)
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  8. This has been suggested before, and while I agree that sharing information about other country's holidays is beneficial from an educational standpoint, we have to limit the official promos to the American holiday calendar in order to prevent having promos released every week. Some American holidays are celebrated almost worldwide so it covers the majority of holidays that are celebrated across multiple countries.

    If promos are released too often, they become monotonous. Currently our promos have a balance between being coded to do something special or simply being a renamed item. We'd end up with more and more renamed items and less coded fun promos if we were to make them every week.

    So what about the other countries then?
    We have released flags of different countries in our Flag shop on their associated holidays and posted educational info on that day, as that is the most fair way to represent as many countries as possible over time. We celebrated Canada Day, Cinco de Mayo, etc this way and it works. This has recently not been the case due to technical difficulties. We actually have about 9 designs done and simply waiting for pasting, but we were crashing the server with every paste and had to stop. We couldn't keep blaming every crash on Chin. :p Norway, etc your time is coming soon.
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