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  1. Hello! The title is correct about a suggestion for a miniboss. Ender Cows seem kind of like a joke, because they have a funny name, but it isn't. When you near one, the warning would say, "You Hear A Horendous Moo...". And, if you don't look for IT, the Ender Cow (s) might look for YOU. An Ender Cow's attacks would be a charge (would deal 3 hearts damage) when the Ender Cow comes at you head first, trying to head-butt you. Its next attack would be milk tsunami (would deal 5 hearts damage), when the Ender Cow spits large amounts of milk at you. It can also teleport (which is why it's called an Ender Cow :p). Appearance: An Ender Cow would look like a normal cow, except with enchantment particles around it. That's all my ideas on the Ender Cow. So, this is basically it. See ya!
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  2. It definitely sounds, errr, unique. I am not too sure it would blend in with the End though.
    I would definitely love to see this in the Dystopian world.

    All in all, I would love to have Dystopia to be a crazy place with weird mobs.