[Suggestion] Empire Advertisement Contest

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Kiriyuuu, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Hey Empire friends! I have a great idea for the Empire! We could host a Empire advertisement contest! There would be around 5 winners and the grand prize is 15k-30k in rupees. The second prize would be 32 diamond blocks, and the third 16 diamond blocks. The other prizes would be like 32 iron blocks or like 5k in rupees or something but I think it would be a great idea so just post your videos you make and enter! You need to say your IGN too. So I think it would be a great idea so everyone try your best! I've made a good 1 :D
  2. Heres my vid :D

  3. He means make videos, pictures etc to advertise EMC and the best one would win a prize
  4. I think this is more of a public member event...
  5. its for everyone i was just showing a picture lol its a video contest
  6. So this a contest you are holding? Not seeing where this fits in the suggestion forums, a bit confused.
  7. you can post up to 2 or 3 vids if u mess up or dont like yours
  8. no im asking if we can do this
    its a suggestion
  9. You can hold mostly any contest you want. Why do you want people to post videos here?
  10. its a advertisement for the server contest I'm not holding it i'm asking the staff lol im saying its a good idea
  11. So you are asking the staff to hold a Video Contest. Now this makes sense.
    If the staff were to make one it would be on their own separate thread.
  12. its a suggestion X_X
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