(Suggestion) EMC world seeds

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  1. My idea is that when the EMC wild has to be reset, the players would get to submit a seed for each of the servers for the wild, then then players would vote for what seed they want for what server. The only problem I see is that people would have the cords for the endportals right off the bat, which could lead to greifing in the end, but other then that, I don't see a problem. :)
  2. Noooooooooo D:
    Not an wild reset :(
  3. Please tell me where in that post that I said were having a wild reset any time soon.
  4. I know, its just the thing i want :p
  5. My some what respond, and no there is no "how About no bear"
    Lets keep to JustinGuy and ICC and etc to decide
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  6. There are other issues than just End Portal Coordinates... Simply put, no
  7. Please tell me these reasons then.
  8. I will tell you in Private Message, because I don't want anybody to get any ideas... I do support giving out seeds to the previous wild map after it is reset though...