[SUGGESTION] EMC Supporter Prepay

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Is this a good idea?

Yes 7 vote(s) 33.3%
No 4 vote(s) 19.0%
Possibly, with a few tweaks 10 vote(s) 47.6%
  1. Prepay Suggestion:

    Well, it's quiet simple. As you probably have already noticed I bought diamond subscription. I have a bad habit for blowing my money whenever I see something for a cheap price (stupid, I know), so I came up with a simple idea, prepaying for a supporter subsription. The idea is that, for example, say you wanted a gold subsription for 6 months, you could pay $60 on the spot instead of $10 every month. I know they have something similar where it automatically renews but I personally would like paying some amount, placing it on my credit cards (my dad's, actually :p) account rather then taking it by the month. I couldnt imagine this to be incredibly hard to make with our talented staff.

    P.S I dont need this ASAP because I know Aikar is so busy right now, this is just for future reference
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  2. NO! What if you get banned half way through. It is your fault, but you are potentially out of 60$.
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  3. Sounds like a good idea. This is much like the system other gaming networks have. Perhaps as well as adding this they could add different amounts of time you can buy supporter for. For Example: 6 month, 12 months.
  4. Actually yeah I overlooked that perhaps everything satys as is...
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  5. But maybe You could cancel it if you get banned or it could auto cancel and you get refunded for unused months.
  6. Yeah, it's YOUR fault for getting banned.... I don't see anything wrong with this except what Biscuitboy said.... I like it. :)
  7. Technically, you can already do this. Just ask ICC or JustinGuy and they will most likely let you do a one time payment. I know this because that's how I got my gold supporter. I asked ICC and he let me pay him $120 up front for a year of Gold. Now I don't have to pay a monthly fee :)
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  8. I think if they bough that, they wouldn't try to get themselves ban.
    And if they do, they should have been more mature and not have wasted $60.
    I like this idea.
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  9. I like it but guys have to also remember that your DONATING the money and in return you get special perks.....If you want to take the risk of losing money if you do get banned then this might be a good Idea......I would personally do this if this does come along in the near future because I don't have to worry about getting banned cause I follow the rules...But you also have to take into thought that you might get bored of the game or server and lose that specific amount of money you paid...
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  10. Good to know....Thanks for that bit of info!!
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  11. Might I suggest just being a lot more sensible with your money?
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  12. I dont see the problem with what is right now. You pay until you dont want to anymore. Its simple and easy for anyone..
  13. Well there is no problem its just another option they can add....to make it a bit easier for us who aren't that good with saving up money or for those people who pay by gift card and forget to add a different card to their pay pal...
  14. I guess. It could be an option.
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  15. Perhaps if this was like a deposit. The money is spent is set aside for the subscription as if it were a piggybank or money on the counter for pizza delivery, and every time the month is finished and the subscription needs renewal, the transaction is made, and only then the money is spent.
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  16. Dude, if you get banned it's your fault. If you don't wanna get banned, don't break the rules. Is it seriously that hard to do?
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  17. Yep. If you know you have $60 on stake you wont waste it.
  18. I don't know what world you live in, but people do stupid things even though they might lose money ie: Gambling.
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  19. Good point.. but stil...
  20. I live in the world of reality, where when people do stupid things they get *CONSEQUENCES* for those stupid things, and rightly so.