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  1. I just have this little suggestion, I realize that it may be shot down quickly, but I would enjoy having a place where I could create a character and use him to roleplay with friends.

    It would be insanely awesome, infinitesimally small though the chance may be, to have an RP server set up. Crazy, I know, but it would be nice for anybody who would like to roleplay.

    Roleplay could potentially help connect players together, and while it could be done privately with a small group of friends, it would be nice to take it to a much larger scale.

    So if anybody agrees with me, or especially if anyone is interested in roleplay even in small-scale, please let me know! Any reply is appreciated. :D
  2. I would agree with this... YOU GOTS TO HAVE RP! +1
  3. +1. I do adventure role play maps with irl friends all the time.
  4. -1. You can simply go out into the wild, make a base, and RP there.
  5. Well, this seems like a cool idea, I'd really wish EMC would create different servers, that were all connected, but different game styles. Like PVP. It has been shot down, brought back from the dead, and carried off on a road trip, a lot of yeses and a lot of noes. In my opinion, the more unique we get, the more players we will see come into the servers; shouldn't matter if people agree or not, you DON'T have to play if you don't want to. RP, Minigames, Creative, Adventure, Towny.... There are so many new frontiers to conquer, even more than that short list back that way <---
    But in the end, no matter which way we go, as long as we don't look back... well that's up to you isn't it?
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  6. So inspiring. So touching.

    Still not into the idea.
  7. This would be a cool idea. But, if it's EMC sponsored, I'm not sure how you're expecting to play on it?
  8. I was thinking simply an extra server. I know it will probably not happen, and most likely will never get beyond this discussion, anyway. But it would be nice to have an extra server, possibly with its own lore and permanent towns.

    I may just do that... good idea.
  9. Sorry, didn't mean it like that. I took you as another person who has been banned for six months but still posts on the forums for some reason. Now I look like an idiot -.-
  10. Oh lol. I didn't know I was putting out THAT sort of vibe... XD
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  11. It was your avatar... Never judge a book by it's cover...
  12. YES YES YES! I love this idea. :D