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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft.

    Today I have a suggestion to you all.

    Empire Minecraft Newsletters!

    Here is how it will work. You sign up though a survey thing. Like that Servery Monkey thing, and give your Email address, and The staff see it. They can set up an Email Address called like EmpireMinecraft@gmail.com and make it send everyone who sends there email a weekly Newsletter about whats going on in Empire Minecraft. Such as events, Updates, ect. It would be a cool little feature to have. Tell me more things that could be better for it and tell me what you think.

    Also, they have to give there player name in the servery.

    Example Newsletter -

    Hello, (Player),

    We just got Dragon tombs out!

    Come check it out here Dragontombs.com

    (And other things in it :p)

    Thanks, Demon
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  2. That would be a cool idea. Nice thinking! ;)
  3. Love it.
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  4. Netherworld, Why do you think this is a bad idea.
    Please explain.
  5. Considering*, I'm pretty certain EMC already has your email address they could just send you message anyways.
  6. I think that the website does this already and that minecraft and assassin's creed 3 would go together just fine.
  7. No they don't...
  8. So how did you sign them up then?
    Pretty sure you give your email then...
  9. You do give them your email to sign up.
  10. How about instead of checking the email for EMC news, we could simply go to the official website to find out.
  11. What a rather nice idea,
    you know, they should create a specific sub-forum just for news just like that
    oh wait
  12. There exists a sub forum called empire news.
    All major news is posted up to the front page of the website.
    I believe most people (me at least) send empire notifications to the spam folder, due to the irritating flood of mails while you make private conversations.
    Generally unneeded.
  13. But, rather on to matter at hand, it does strike me that even if the staff were to do this, what would they fill it with?
    Because we only ever get a major news post or front paged post about once a week, maybe even less.
    Also, the type of people that would want this sounds like the type of people who check the forums regularly anyway.
  14. I think they already have this... it's called the empireminecraft forums....
  15. I disagree, Using gmail app will be an easy way to use any EMC news, instead of going to the website(You could not see it on the website,skip it and miss the event...)...
  16. what if people don't want to get emails from the empire? And we have been trying to get people to use the forums so why would we want to divert people away from them?
  17. Then you don't sign up for the newsletter... simple and stupid to answer....
  18. Don't be rude please.
  19. I should not answer that questions,it the OP....