[SUGGESTION]emc mobile app

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Good idea?

Yes 12 vote(s) 100.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Just a simple app for iPhone or android that brings up a more cell phone compatible empire minecraft.com
    So yeah tell me what you think
  2. It seems like a great idea, but wouldn't just be simpler for them to create a mobile version of the site?
    Instead of having to go through an app, you could just load it up in your phone's browser.
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  3. I think someone made one once, but there was a distribution problem... I think that project just died out... But I think it would be wonderful - Mobile version would work also
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  4. Seems interesting. Though, not exactly worth the trouble for the staff to make one, if they already have us hungry players asking for things concerning the server. Perhaps find someone to make a rough draft of it, and they may take it from there?
  5. There is one but its not forum compatible. Just shows things related to emc.
  6. This sounds epic!

    Android! Get it on Android :D
  7. There is one for android... -_-
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  8. :O Wait im gonna get it!

    EDIT: lol cant find it xD
  9. BTW i made a app just basic but i did suggest to justin + icc to just put some code into the site that makes it mobile