[Suggestion] Email when large updates happen

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  1. I bring a suggestion today.... If possible with Xenforo when a "large" updates happens send an email to all. I think this could help people who don't check the forums often, or players who just forgot about emc to remind/bring them back to emc.

    Few side notes:
    • I would condsider a "large" update to be a main page, or a update to the latest minecraft
    • Would be possible to turn of in the player settings
  2. I think you can already do this with a RSS feed and a feed reader like IFTTT

    Although last time I tried it seemed that every RSS feed on the site was broken... soo idk
  3. It looks like the rss feeds are based on comments and not new threads. Every time someone comments on a thread it gets thrown into the feed even if it is years old.
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  4. It looks like it should work for new threads too. I have an RSS feed set up for this forum and it hasn't worked yet...
  5. Well I don't really understand ^ but it sounds like it doesn't work, so bump
  6. Use the order param for keeping it in post order:


    This is what the sidebar uses.

    As for email, I've tried to do this in the past, but because we don't properly verify emails and provide an "Opt In" box to receive emails, we can't really for general emails like suggested.

    I will have to do some work to provide players the ability to opt in to even be able to do this :/

    I work for an email sending company.... And I couldn't pass our review process with EMC's email list because we are so loose about it at sign up.
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