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  1. This will probably get shot down in a spectacular list of reasons why not, but on other servers I have played on previously they used a plugin called EasyElevator.

    I know suggesting plugins isn't allowed, but i'm giving this as an example of a simple elevator plugin that doesn't cause lag or take away too much from the vanilla experience!

    it doesn't use special blocks, only gold blocks, iron blocks and signs!
  2. Can you supply how it works, and how it looks?

    Aikar will most likely make his own "Elevator" if this is agree'd upon.

    Also, wouldn't TP signs be just as a good as an Elevator?
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  3. We do have elevators you could use teleport signs to go from one floor to the next and no this wasn't a bad comment i do love the idea of elevators but Teleport signs are basically "Elevators"
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  4. I've seen the plugin before. It's fancy become you're literally flying through the air. It'd be pretty cool to have. But it'd need to be remade custom for EMC so that it integrates with the servers.
  5. Basically, each floor has a sign outside the 'lift door' click the sign to call the lift, then once inside, click the sign inside to select the floor.

    The page for this plugin on Bukkit is:- http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/easyelevator/

    That is true, but you either need a load of signs on each floor, or always go back to the beginning!

    Thats what I was thinking, I'm no java programmer so I have no idea how easy/hard it would be to custom create something similar!
  6. I always find features like this kind of gimmicky and useless. It is pretty cool, but RTS or named locations are a bit more efficient, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Aikar also does not implement that any non EMC plugins (or at least i think so). I could see this causing some issues with lag and compatibility.
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  7. I believe that since this is not an EMC made plugin it wouldn't be incorporated into the servers. And like others have suggested, we already have the TP signs. Cool visually, but not very practical.
  8. EMC does use a couple of non-custom plugins, just to clear you up on that :)
  9. Which have been heavily modified to suit EMC. I was talking to Aikar about it with plugins like Residence have been completely changed. Even ChestShop has been changed.
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  10. Not those, the less obvious ones :p These may (not sure on that) have been modified as well, but they're still external plugins.
  11. When you spent most of the time in the wild, you sometimes wish to have an elevator. +1 from me
  12. Maybe because you're *supposed to be, anyway* a Beta tester on the second version? :rolleyes:
  13. Maybeeee, I still have access to it as well xD. It seems pretty dead though, 1 year since the last post on the forums :(
  14. Yes, as a plugin this is denied for that reason alone. But I would encourage you to phrase a suggestion like this, in a way that would fit in with EmpireMinecraft. Perhaps create a new idea which we could make happen.