[SUGGESTION] Easter Scavenger Event

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Is this a good idea?

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  1. Hello.
    My suggestion is that a scavenger event, similar to the 300k/400k event, should be implemented for Easter. I've heard a lot of complaints about how boring the Eggcelent wand is getting, but new players still want it. This event would solve that.
    The world would be Easter themed: plains, Easter eggs around, baby animals and lots of rabbits. Certain rabbits would be 'special' rabbits that are renamed 'Easter Bunny'. You'd click on the rabbit and be given an egg renamed 'Easter Egg' in green. You'd have to repeat this to get 15 of these via that method. Once you have got these, you could redeem the eggs to get an Eggcelent wand or a promo rabbit egg called 'Easter Bunny' in green, similar to Cupid in that manner.
    This would give promo collectors two new special items/promos to collect and make the event more exciting as you would have to search, but it wouldn't be so hard it gets tedious checking over all the rabbits. This would also utilise the rabbit mob for it's first special item.
    Please comment your thoughts!
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  2. Added as requested :)
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  3. I like your suggestion but I don't think it's a good idea, sorry. One of the reasons why the scavenger hunt is so enjoyable is because we don't get to do this very often and that makes it special.

    So if staff would increase this then I think it will eventually also loose its 'specialness' a bit.

    Best way is to report the post and put your request in there, that's bound to get the staffs attention. No need anymore though: I just did that for you :)

    Edit: And Weeh ninja'd in like a ninja as well :)
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  4. I like the idea, but I kind of agree with Shel, that the reason they're so enjoyable is because we don't get to do them that often. Plus, we want to keep those promos rare, otherwise they wont be as fun to collect. However, if the suggestion is taken and used, i'm not going to complain as it would be good.
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  5. Which promos are you referring to? This would only last a week and give you one of two promos, and the ten redeemable items would be similar to a dragon fragment in the respect they would make up a promo, so would be worth much less. Each account could only get 10 of the eggs per year, so would be rarer than dragon fragments (which I'll use as equivalent items due to similarities).
    EDIT: I also understand what you two mean about the enjoyment coming from rarity, and I believe that too, but to less of an extent. I thought it would be appropriate as it would be an Easter egg hunt, popular at Easter time.
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  6. Anyways, +1 from me
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  7. How about spawning Holiday Chests? Not sure what the coding cost would be but possibly we could have a Super Bunny variation of Super Turkeys to take our springtime aggression out on.
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  8. I've already sent a promo event form type thing for that :)
  9. Good. It seems like it'd be a Copy/Paste sort of thing for the Devs to do.