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  1. So, unless you like to dig (ie: are me) then you might not know about the existence of something called Dynmap markers. In a simple way, they're markers that you can put on the live map (super unobvious right?). When one's made, they appear as a little icon on the live map, and when you hover over it, it will tell you what the marker's called (eg: Ruining Economy Co) and I think the owner too.

    Right now, we don't have permission to make these in the Empire. My suggestion is that they're added as a supporter perk, that allows a limited amount of markers to be placed based on supporter level. The reason for this is people (ie: me) could use markers to draw pretty pictures of IcecreamCow on the live map, and make it look like a mess. IMO, it should be done like reses - iron can place 1, gold can place 2 and diamond can place 4).

    In the "vanilla that's not really vanilla but meh" version of Dynmap, they're made by placing a sign where you want the marker, putting [dynmap] on the first line and the name of the marker on the second line. The marker look similar to a player marker, and when you click on them look like when you click on a res in town.

    So, what are the uses? Well, here's a few:
    • Marking public/well known places on the map - eg: LLO
    • Showing where you'll be holding an event in the wild
    • To cure boredom

    EDIT: Btw, this feature already exists. We just don't have the permission node to use it. Just clearing up any confusion that may come :3

    Just for reference, here's a list of icons that are by default usable on markers. Will hopefully give people some ideas what they could be used for. :)
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  2. Sure. I like that idea :)
  3. Me gusta
  4. Amazing! And pretty pictures of IcecreamCow works too! Then JustinGuy, Maxarias (all in pink), Aikar (And his economy ruining ways!) And Shaunwhtei1982 and his Northpole :D
  5. And you were just complaining to me in game about how EMC didn't have this.
  6. And then I said "*to the suggestion box!*" :p
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  7. Well I was reconnecting cu of lag so I didn't see that part. -_-
  8. You can do similar things like this with in-client mods that wont add any more stress to whatever server runs the dynmap. I think things such as rei's minimap are sufficient.
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