[Suggestion] Droppers Drop Fire Charges

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  1. I recently built a semi-automatic firework making machine, and it is perfect except for one thing: The droppers inside don't drop fire charge items. When using a dispenser, a fire charge will fly across the world and set fire to the block it hits, so we don't want that. However, the dropper only drops the item on the ground, and does not set fire to anything. Currently when I try and drop a fire charge, it makes the "click" noise and the particle effect, but the fire charge does not drop, it stays in the dropper. I doubt many other players care about this one way or another, but it would definitely help me!

    Please consider,

  2. Sounds like a Minecraft Update thing :p
  3. Are you sure it's a dropper and not an actual dispenser?
  4. Actually, I believe Droppers DROP stuff, hence the name. Dispensers fire fire charges.
  5. Exactly. Droppers are only meant to drop items in their item form, or put items directly into chests/hoppers/dispensers, etc. Dispensers are meant to perform actions - splash potions, spawn eggs, and fire charges. If you want to set things on fire, use a dispenser with fire charge, flint and steel, or a lava bucket.
  6. Yes, I am sure it is a dropper. It is supposed to place a fire charge into a hopper to send it through the machine, but nothing happens. I know this isn't a HUGE issue but it would be nice to have it fixed.