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  1. Currently on EMC auctions, it is totally up to the OP to include everything in the post, and because these posts are not changeable, it will require staff intervention if any errors are made. What I suggest is drop down boxes that are required to be filled in before posting the auction. To paint a picture, for "Time until auction ends" you could have 24, 48 or 72 hour options, with an "Other" option which let's you insert a custom number. This could be done with bid increments, starting bid and even pickup(My residence, mail, delivery). It would a also make auction threads look neater and have the basic information in the same place every time, and prevent mistakes that go unnoticed until too late. I would love any feedback/criticism and I will do my best to edit this idea if any better ones arise.
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  2. I assume part of this was related to my typo that I made in my most recent auction... I would've liked to see that, but I'm not sure how it would be done.
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  3. Like a drop down list in a survey, and it must be filled in before the post can be made. And yes, it was in response to your auction :(
  4. I can understand where you're coming from, but I don't think this would prevent someone from making a mistake. Which is the heart of the problem; making a mistake and getting it fixed.
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  5. Preventing a mistake 100% is near impossible. What I was hoping to do here was just lower it a little bit. In the case of SILVERMAN2(sorry for using you as an example)it cost 500k+ rupees for one missed keystroke. Every one incident prevented helps.
  6. I don't mind you using my name for this. It would've just been very convenient to see this, considering a single typo cost me half a million rupees (or more).
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  7. Now, I am playing the devils advocate here a bit; but was that amount of rupees due to Silverman's typo or because someone else bid 1,001,000rupees while the auction was officially already over? If that bid hadn't been made or if someone else warned about the auction ending time earlier then no further false bids would have been made.

    The reason I say this is because it wouldn't be the first time where people bid on an auction while it had in fact already ended. Even without any typo's from the auction holder.

    Sure, the auction holder said he made a typo. I can see that. But on the other hand some players also made a bid without checking the auction end time. And I don't think you can fully rule that out either way.
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  8. Not easily possible until forum upgrade. Extremely easy after that.
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  9. Is was more because he put 40 hours instead of 48 and someone bid at 41.
  10. I like this idea a lot. It would be very helpful for first time auction holders, a good reminder for veterans, and make things easier to understand for the bidders.
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