[Suggestion] Don't spawn mini-bosses too close to outposts

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  1. Hi gang,

    So I was goofing around in SMP2 and a Momentus spawned near an outpost. I anticipated some fun, also because I had the Shell wolfpack with me. And I was really anxious to see how well they'd fare against the guardians on diff. 8.

    It ended in a big disappointment. The fight went decently well though I did notice that several guardians stayed around my bed (spawn point) even when I got killed quite a few blocks away (Momentus was far enough away not to auto attack right away), and that seemed off. Spawn & get instantly killed again.

    Then, for reasons I fail to understand, Momentus ended up somewhere under the outpost inside the protected region. Somewhat anyway. Resulting in this:

    I know I should have pressed F3. I was too busy trying to dig my way out, place torches, fight Momentus. Nothing worked.

    Sure: you're inside a protected area so they can't hurt you. But its still a problem: the area isn't a full easy to navigate square. One block can be protected, the other can fall outside the protected zone. So I ended up getting killed and then this happened:

    So apparently I won the fight, even at diff. 7, but there's no way for me to get my reward, simply because I have no clue where it is. Which could be my second suggestion: give us coordinates where the loot was dropped. That way we actually have a chance of getting it back if silly things like this happen.

    But most of all: try to keep mini-bosses away from the outpost. Maybe set up a safety zone of 20 - 50 blocks in which they can't spawn? This might even prevent players from "cheating". You know: fight Momentus, run back to the outpost, heal up, run back out, hit him a few times again, etc.

    So yah, this was not the satisfying fight I had hoped for, quite a disappointment. But oh well, enough about that.
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  2. +1 on this

    Countless times a Marlix spawned near the protected outpost and flew into the outpost itself and somehow killed itself, once even dropping a few rare drops that I could not get to, but the only problem I see is how they will stop them from spawning near outposts because they spawn randomly near you if you have miniboss spawns on. If there is a way to either prevent minibosses spawning within 100 blocks or so from the outpost, then I'd be all for it.
  3. +1 And maybe also a system that teleports any miniboss that come close to the spawn a little (~20 blocks) further away? This way we can prevent mini bosses that spawned away from a spawn from wandering into them.
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