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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by jtc0999, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. Since we have a like button, why don't we have a dislike button for posts?
    This is how it would work:
    After about 20 dislikes, the comment would be removed from the thread, and sent to a mod or admin to check it.

    If the Mod or Admin thinks the post is ok to stay on the thread, he would click "Accept post" at the bottom of the post.

    If the Mod or Admin thinks the post should be removed, he/she would click "decline post", next to the Accept post button, which would deleate the post.
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  2. Could be a good idea, it would also create some fights... Madness... ;-;
  3. Posts already have a "Report" link, which people can use if they are found objectionable. Dislikes are a horrible idea. There's a reason they're not on Facebook, or Google+ or anywhere else for that matter. On social arenas, encouraging negative attitudes would just result in strife and discord between the members, which are not the sort of things communities desire to have. It takes a lot less effort to click "dislike" than it does to type out a negatively charged response to someone. Hence, the barrier to doing so is higher, and consequently, it occurs less often.

    EDIT: Not to mention that this could be used by groups of people in a concerted effort to effectively censor anyone they want. Yes, sure, mods have to look at it before it's removed entirely, but in your scheme, the post is removed temporarily, and it might take a long time until a mod looks at it. Which, by the way, brings me to another point: Potentially a lot of extra work for the mods, which I'm pretty sure they've already got enough of. :p
  4. also bad suggestion threads would be gone quickly... ^^

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  5. How would it create fights?
    There would not be a thing at the bottom saying:
    "So-and-so dislikes this"
  6. That >.>
  7. Report is for breaking the rules. If someone says something you don't like (I.E COD sucks and your a COD fan), you could dislike it.
  8. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, none of them have this. But you know who does? YouTube. I'll just let everyone think about that for a bit XD
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  9. I suppose you would like this to be added because of that thread of yours (The religious one with the songs ^-^). I took a look at it :)
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  10. The idea is ok -we all have at least once wished there was a dislike button in our favorite social network, whichever it is-, but as always, it could be abused, used for trolling or even bullying.

    I would add that those dislikes were only to be seen by the staff. That way, the possible issues that this feature could bring would be avoided.

    Also, freedom of speech is something we have to take into account here. We already have the report button for posts that must be removed because they break a rule. Disliking something is ok. Wanting to censore it, as long as it is not breaking any rule, is a completely different thing. Maybe a "I disagree" button would be better for debating.
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  11. The burn or the idea?

    I don't think the idea of a dislike button is a good one. For me it's good enough if I look at someone's comment and decide that I don't like it. A dislike button would be a bit overused, and it would cause a lot more fighting on the forums if people just started throwing dislikes everywhere instead of typing up a reason as to why they don't like something. Right now for example, some people could dislike my post if they were for the idea. I'd ask why, and then there'd be a huge argument.
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  12. Well as this is a suggestion post, you could say I kinda implied that this thread would vanish if the dislike button was active already. As a joke obviously.

    And for that "burn" the meme was used.
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  13. How would this be productive use of the mods' and admins' time? Say 20 COD fans happens across a post that is negative towards COD and they all click dislike. Now a mod/admin has to look at this post and say "that's not a valid complaint," and the post comes back a while later. What exactly was accomplished there? The only posts that mods/admins would remove are those that could be justifiably reported in the first place, because unless you break the rules, on what grounds should they be removed? Unpopular opinions are certainly not valid grounds for removal.

    I can tell you why. YouTube is an unmoderated (more or less) website. The users are effectively the moderators, except they have less power than real moderators, as posts are never removed when it receives a lot of negative attention, they just get hidden. This mechanism is abused quite a lot, too. I've seen plenty of perfectly innocent posts be down-rated hard or even flagged as spam, simply because the audience of that video disagreed with the opinion of that poster. It's not a good system, really, but considering how gigantic YouTube is, manual moderation would be impossible to do.
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  14. If it helps, I loved the subtle -a bit given away by the meme pic- sarcasm. And I hate to be soooo slow typing in the tablet.
  15. Well being rude is breaking the rule (which is the only thing i can think of that the dislike button would be used for) I believe its one of the ten commandments to not be rude. So the report button works.
  16. Why not she? What about krysyyjane and max?
  17. So, uhm, sorry bout this guys. But. Here...

  18. No. i just thought this was a good idea :p
  19. Religion-Gate 2013. Remember all that? The last thing we need is a bunch of religion wars on the forums.

    People down-voting just because of spelling and grammar.

    We already have people who are butthurt for being banned for breaking the rules coming along and bashing things people do on the forums, dislike button would just help that along.
  20. How would disliking a comment cause religon wars....?
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