[Suggestion] Disguise (Gold & Diamond Supporter Only)

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by angelxtasy, Oct 31, 2015.

  1. On Halloween, we got to disguise as mobs! :D Maybe, diamond and gold supporters could have access to disguise when they want? that would be pretty fun. :3
  2. /d <mob>

    Anyone can do it.
  3. I think they mean permanently after the event is over.
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  4. Then all the people like me would go around trolling the new players in a charged creeper disguise...
  5. Sorry but I am not in favor of this idea.

    For two reasons... I have my own ideas about the Minecraft EULA (which is that I think you can shishkabab it in court because its a horrible piece of work from a legal perspective) but even so I think playing things safe might still be the better idea. This would give supporters somewhat of a direct edge in-game. Sure; its more or less cosmetic, but also gives them a bit of an edge ("you can't see me"). Not saying it violates the EULA but it gets close...

    Second.. It would make the feature a common commodity. 607 said it much better than me: but if you have access to this all the time then it looses its "speciality". It becomes common. As much as I like the disguises (reminds me to ask Aya for help with a screenshot pose tomorrow) I think they're best experienced "from time to time". If they are going to get used next Haloween then we all have something else besides the promo to look out for. And that's also worth something!

    So... Sorry to say but I don't think this would be a good idea.
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