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Good Idea?

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  1. My idea is to make jukeboxes noise go across the whole res and repeat when the song ends.
    It would be great for party res's so that everyone can hear the music.
    Also if it restarts automatically then the party host doesn't have to manually reset it.
    If no one is on the res the music would turn off :D
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  2. Maybe this would be a good idea for note blocks too, just heard across the whole res and not out of it.
    But I don't know if this idea is that easy to program.
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  3. Aikar can do EVERYTHING ;)
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  4. He sure can, but he has better things to do then that... No offense, it's a pretty good idea, but he is making server lag-free, working on dragon tombs, and making the server run essentially.
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  5. I wonder if he could turn IcecreamCow into a rainbow pony...
  6. Best. Idea. Ever.
  7. it would be awesome i would have a pary res