[Suggestion] Disable Server Anouncments Temp.

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Yes, 26 vote(s) 89.7%
No, 3 vote(s) 10.3%
  1. Hey,

    Have you ever got annoyed with the server announcements? Ether it be the Waste Reset, or Promo Announcements.... This command would help.

    It is not to disable it for ever, as you could miss some stuff, but for one that does visit the forums, it does get a bit too much.

    /Chat Disable Anoun - This would disable it.

    /Chat Enable Anoun - This would turn it back on.

    But the catch is it would only stay disabled until you disconnect from the IP, then it would reset to its default.

  2. I like it. +1
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  3. I am glad someone suggested it :) +1
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  4. Why not +1
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  5. This HAS been suggested countless times before, but the idea has just been turned down. But it's a +1 for me still :)
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  6. Yes, but the other times was to fully disable this, This resets to its defaults when you disconnect from the IP or use the command,
  7. I think it's a neat idea, there has been more than once when the messages have gotten me killed
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  8. I need this for recording. Dew it Aikar. Though might wanna keep server reset alerts even with the disabling of the announcements?
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  9. I don't get why they won't just give you the ability to remove the entire freaking thing. I hate those things. I know the reset is coming. I know I didn't vote, I never do. I know the promo is out. It just gets annoying.
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  10. +1
    I don't see the supporter announcement spam being removed with it but the waste and promo ones sure are getting on my nerves.
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  11. I don't see a reason why not, it could be a setting on /ps. Seen similar ideas in the past.
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  12. Ive found my reason for wanting this. You are in a mine and suddenly this thing pops up. You get distracted and miss a valuable ore. so as I said A+
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  13. +1

    I know the wastelands are going to reset, I don't need a reminder a paragraph long to tell me this. This has been month long news
  14. I think I would rather have a tag at the end of each message that allows me to disable it permanently with a command, like: /chat disable tag. Depending on what defines disconnecting I think it might be more of a hassle to disable them than to leave them on.

    If someone logged in and immediately disabled announcements manually or with a macro, they would never see new ones. Disabling each one ensures that we have seen the message at least once and read it at least well enough to see the tag as well as allowing us to leave some enabled as reminders. There could also be a /chat disable reset for those who change their mind and want to see the disabled ones again.
  15. Or maybe something like /acknowledge tag, just acknowledging you saw and understand the announcement so you no longer need to see it
  16. Im on board with this
  17. Bump.... Maybe staff can get in?
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