[Suggestion] Disable Promo Items use in furnaces

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  1. So, I was smelting some charcoal earlier, and was going to use my workbenches as fuel since I had tons of them, well I lagged and ended up shift-clicking my labor bench into the fuel slot, and POOF. Byebye promo :(

    Therefore I would like to suggest disabling promo items usage within furnaces (I believe something has been done to disable using them in crafting, forgive me if I'm wrong)

    I'm not asking for a replacement one, or complaining about what happened, but I wouldn't want anyone else to have similar issues.

    EDIT: But while I'm on the topic, anyone have one for sale? :p
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  2. What are you talking about, this would be as loss of a critical feature! I only ever smelt things with momentus toothpicks!
    In other words, +1
  3. Sorry, but how did lag make you put your labor bench in it? I'm sorry for you though :(
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  4. Alexchance sells them at 4005, 12.5k each.
  5. If you have a sub par computer, while the game is not loading, item's in your inventory aren't moving. People frantically click around to try to fix the problem, but in his case the clicking put it in his furnace.
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  6. Pretty much this, only I lagged while moving my mouse over the fuel, lagged, and ended up putting the labor bench in :p
  7. 21 gun salute.:( For the loss of a good promo.
  8. I'll sell it to you once I get on, sorry about the loss though :(
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  9. You did not have it as bad as I did, I did that with my toothpick at an outpost on smp5. =PPPPP