(Suggestion) Diamond Supporters being able to fly on SMP

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Yay 4 vote(s) 23.5%
Nay 13 vote(s) 76.5%
  1. We the Diamond Supporters Should be able to fly on all the Smp's.

    It would be very useful when making things such as malls and tall buildings ect

    Why do we need this?
    I bet all the supporters would love this. Also Maybe gold supporters can Fly on Utopia?

    Tell me what you think. There isnt much to say here bye

  2. I wouldn't say all supporters could fly on every smp, but I do think it would be pretty cool for gold supporters to fly in utopia.
  3. Says a gold supporter.
  4. I didnt say all Supporters. Just Diamond.
  5. Not worth all the /report
    Bob: Howdy
    Spongebob: Well hey
    *Bob flies up*
    Spongebob: OHMAGAWD YOU HAXER!
    /Report bob fly hacking

    Also, it's kinda an aesthetic thing. Everyone has managed to build without it.
  6. Everyone could know of this. IcC would Announce it on the front page. And it would say or something.
  7. Pshh.. Who is a gold supporter? :D
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  8. You are.
  9. It would be cool to see Diamond supporters fly through out the empire! :D
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  10. You
  11. I do not see this very fair, it is good to have a server dedicated to the Supporters and have fly but when you put fly in a server for all people? It does not sound very fair.
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  12. I strongly disagree. You are forgetting that the Empire is French Vanilla. This is too far away from vanilla Minecraft to be added. Besides, it's just not very fair; the flying on Utopia is a stretch, too.

    Remember, this is coming from a member who will become diamond again within the month.
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  13. 1. This is too much like creative, and EMC is not a creative server
    2. It would be convenient, but its not necessary at all.
    3. As someone who has been a diamond supporter and who's alt is diamond, diamond level does NOT need more perks
    4. It would generate too many false reports
    5. This has been suggested soooo many times and every time it is turned down both by staff and by the general opinion.
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  14. I would like to keep diamond on utopia flying ..
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  15. No.
    The reason its on utopia is because nobody has major malls on utopia. If this was implemented building would get 100X easier.
  16. Ya gonna have to disagree with this. Just seems unfair
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  17. If you want to fly;
    1. get a beacon
    2. select jumpboost
    3. fly
    4. ???
    5. profit.

    But seriously. Fly is a creative thing only. And there is no way to compensate it to other ranks/players.
    So unfortunately I am downvoting this suggestion.
  18. People didn't like it when it was on utopia never mind other smp's, sorry but I just don't think it's necessary. :)
  19. I still get reported for flying on utopia this would cause to much confusion in the general public..
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