[Suggestion] Destroy flag combinations

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Azaka7, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. I learned recently that the destroy flag lets players destroy any block regardless of other flags, such as redstone and use. This came much to my surprise, because I assumed you needed the redstone flag to break redstone, pistons, etc and the use flag to break doors, buttons, etc.

    I suggest that certain things that require flags to interact with cannot be destroyed by a player with destroy flag unless that player also has the other flag(s).

    For example, I want players to be able to break normal blocks, but I don't want them to destroy redstone, doors, or shop signs. I would set the destroy flag to true, but set redstone flag to false to prevent breaking of redstone and pistons, use flag to false to prevent breaking of doors and buttons, and createshop to false to prevent breaking of shop signs.

    What sparked my interest in this was that I wanted to make a public stone gen and give players move and destroy flags (I protected the rest of the res with furnace walls). I learned about the destroy flag's dangers, luckily before any real harm could have been done, through simple testing with a friend.
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  2. I agree with this for instance when you have a stone genorator like azaka is implying were working together but he built it heh anyways is allows them to destroy my shop signs for buying and selling so it should make it so theres a sign flag basically so if you want to break a sign you need the sign flag.

    This would be better for most causes because of course people need stone and its better to have a public one then just keeping it to your self. Well its nicer and thats what counts hehe.
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  3. +1 i agree with this i thought you needed to redstone to break redstone, pistons, etc. As said
    for iron doors but with destroy they can break that too
  4. the better solution is that were aiming to have per block type sub flags, so you can just do destroy:stone

    but thats held up on Bukkit API being decided how to identify every possible block combination.
  5. Yes that would definitely be better just remember to keep the build flag still with us I'm not going like /res pset azaka7 destroy:stone /res pset azaka7 destroy:dirt for each block.