[SUGGESTION] Derelict Status Move Expired

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  1. I remember like within the first week the derelict statuses was implanted, you could shift and get on a little piece of their residence, and then claim it. You can't do that anymore?

    So, why not once their 15 days has expired, move is set to true, so everyone can come onto that residence to claim it?
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  2. I do not know why this idea was not already suggested! Great idea piggy.
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  3. Minnah approves yo
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  4. Also, why is it that you can't move on banned players residences? Is it in case they appeal? I thought their res was supposed to be reset anyways...
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  5. I like this idea! ;)
  6. It is reset should they appeal successfully.
    But it matters little either way of course.
  7. or just try /force claim "res number" dont need move ....
  8. Thing about that is, some people might not know how to find that number

    So for those of you reading this, I will teach you, you can do this 3 ways
    1. Sneak onto the edge of the res and type /res info
    2. Click on residence (anywhere you can punch) with a piece of string I don't remember if left click or right click or if it even matters but :p
    3. If you know who's res it is, go on the servers tab on the forums, and I do believe there is a way to see who owns what res number
  9. live map "click"
  10. or walk to the res'es beside and do some detective work
  11. I did that once, I got a message saying I couldn't go on the res because the owner was banned. Spent 10 minutes looking for a shop or access sign
  12. Honestly, the only time there's a problem with claiming a residence is when you come across one of those lots that are just fully protected by either, Dirt or Cobble, generally placed against the very edge of their lot so you can't even sneak onto it.

    On top of that, they have their move permissions disabled, so you can't even attempted to Ender pearl on top or inside of the residence, so therefore you're basically screwed. Even if you go onto the live map, and get the res information, you're screwed.

    If there was a command like, /res forceclaim (res#) That would be awesome! Simply because you wouldn't have to actually be sitting on the residence you're trying to take. You just need to know the residence lot number, and for it to be derelict and then everything should work.

    I don't know, I know you'd have to get a mod though for the main example above!

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