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  1. New EMC event maybe? Like firefloor. (Something for smp9? :D)

    If you are unfimiliar with a deathrun, it's basically one long corridor (or something that is one way), filled with traps, and a trapper (staff probably (if made official)), who sets off the traps in order to kill (or remove) the runners (runners being us EMC ppls). So no items are required, and probably potion effects like speed, resistance and jump boost should be disabled, also golden and mega golden apples.

    Traps can include lava, piston fall, piston crush, drown, fire, arrow dispencers, fire charge dispencers, simple parkour (trap being that it disapeers), hostile mobs (?), and so on.

    Also, all traps can only be used once and must be possible to cross after use (i.e after trap kills victims).

    The winner is the first person to make it to the exit.

    I thought it'd be cool...

    pffft, first post.
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  2. Good idea
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  3. Really like the idea I have played it on other servers and I love it :)
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  4. I like the idea, just its hard to determine where it'd be located.
  5. I Love this idea, i think its awesome!
  6. My suggestion to help this suggestion: Create it yourself on your res and hold contest at it for Rupees/Items to help the idea gain popularity, then eventually maybe MAYBE it will be approved. :p
  7. You can't kill players on player residences
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  8. Try to use the arena on an SMP, given the users in that SMP would respect your idea.
  9. Sounds cool! Perhaps something like that could be made on the games server.
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  10. That are nice games.
    You can build one of those on your res, you can start with a small and simple one.

    In the town, you can use teleport to remove players from the game instead of killing. Also, instead of removing players from the game you can also teleport them back to the beginning.

    There have been similar games in the past, I remember now Leowaste's.
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