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Is this a Good idea?

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  1. EMC Custom Item Team, For Quite Awhile Now I've Noticed that New Promo’s And Such Sometimes Aren't Decided Upon Until the last Minute and Sometimes Seem A Smidge Rushed,
    The other thing is Contests And Event items Being Sent out After The Event or Contest Ends, This Can Sometimes Take Quite Some Time, which is Understandable Since there being Sent out by 1 Person, who understandably has Other responsibilities,

    So what i'm Suggesting is An EMC Custom Item Team to Design, test and Send Out New Custom Items. This Team Would be Comprised Of Players And Staff, With 2 Leads With at least 1 lead Being Senior Staff who would Be In Charge Of Sending Out Items (they Could Also Recruit Other Senior Staff For items With Large Numbers of Items to be sent)
    Regular Players on this Team Would NOT have Access To Creation of items, only Ideas and Design, Sending Prototype Designs to the Senior Staff Lead to Create For testing if the Item Is Functional (tools etc) Testing Would be Done On Separate Area Of Stage (similar to Stream Team) The Final Item would Be Approved By the 2 Team Leads and Showed to the Community Manager for Final Approval, if for some reason it's Not Approved, its sent back to the Team for changes(any Code Needed for a Custom Item would Have to Be Requested By the Senior Staff Lead)

    if you think theres anything i should add PLEASE Post it,

    PS: i did not make this just because there isnt a Christmas Promo yet, i started writing this weeks ago
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  4. The staff already have the ability to do this. We don't need to add a standard bureaucracy to have it done. Everyone is just busy at this time of the year and real life is hitting everyone pretty hard. We'll have items out shortly.
  5. As i said this wasnt about the christmas items, just promos in general,

    just saying that having players be a part of the process wouldnt be a bad thing since players know what players like for items :) (and yes i know players can suggest items)
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  6. And that's where I'm going to keep them. Players suggesting items is the best position because we can look through them and pull ideas from multiple players in order to create the best promos for a good majority of the community to enjoy, while still maintaining the balance. Players, who are involved in the economy, are primarily suggesting overpowered items. There is such thing as too many cooks in the kitchen.

    So to make it clear: The STAFF have the ability to do what you've already mentioned. I have staff that HAVE created items, and some that haven't yet been released because they are pending some code. The players can continue to suggest items as much as they want, but a custom team for item creation is not going to be added, because it's unnecessary for our server.
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  7. Apparently this is why having too many people deciding promos isn't a great idea.

    Obviously the idea stated in this example is absolutely amazing, but you get the point.
  8. I would like to just say for the record this isnt everyone, sure yeah ive seen some over powered suggestions, but i have to say i think this falls in the minority, But i suppose that im not able to see a Fair few of them
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  9. This is truely amazing, (adds to calendar)
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  10. I assure you it's the majority. SOME players have some really great suggestions thrown in, but it's about 10:1.
    Then you have staff like Jack...
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  11. Thank you guys for not making a horse faster than Dasher and breaking the horse economy. :)
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  12. I mean you made a Pizza Hut pickaxe...
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  13. I'm not saying your ideas are terrible. They are...unique. Obviously we've implemented some. ;)
  14. I mean, comical promos have been some of the most popular ones :p
    Example, Horse ManEwwErr lol

    PS, a 1 speed horse would make a great april fools day item
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  15. This would be neat, but as stated above, it might not be a good idea. I'm not so sure how to throw my hat into this ring.