[SUGGESTION] Custom Auction Plugin

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  1. I'll keep this simple.
    This color is for the commands.
    This color is for the examples.
    This color is for the notes.
    This color is for the Pros and Cons.

    /auction - Shows all the commands available for the custom auction plugin.

    /auction list - Shows the list of items being auctioned.

    [Position of item in auction] [Item Name] : [Amount] : [Current Price] : [Bid Increment] : [Time Left] : [Name of last bidder] : [Name of owner]
    Items would look like this:
    [1] Egg : 10 : 10 Rupees : 1 Rupee : 10 Minutes and 3 Seconds : Hyperroblox : KlopTheFish

    [Position of item in auction] [Item Name] : [Amount] : [Current Price] : [Bid Increment] : [Time Left] : [Enchants] : [Name of last bidder] : [Name of owner]

    If the item is enchanted then it would be shown like this:
    [2] Diamond Sword : 1 : 1000 Rupees : 100 Rupees : 10 Minutes : Sharpness IV, Fire Aspect I :Hyperroblox : KlopTheFish

    /auction bid [Item position] [Bid] - Bids on an item on the auction.

    Bidding would look like this:
    /auction bid 1 11 - Player would bid 11 Rupees for the item in the 1st position.

    /auction start [How many items] [Starting Price] [Bid Increment] [Time] - Starts an auction. Item to be auctioned should be held in the hand or at least be in the first slot. Time is counted in minutes. Therefore if you enter 10, the auction would run for 10 minutes.

    Starting an auction would look like this:
    /auction start 10 10 1 10 - If player is holding 10 eggs for example, once this command is entered the 10 eggs would disappear from the players inventory and go directly to the auction with the specified information. Starting with 10 rupees and a bid increment of 1 rupee and it would be up for 10 minutes.

    /auction cancel - Cancels your auction

    Auctions would be limited to 1 per player. There could be vouchers or bonuses to the supporters of the server. Let's say an additional auction slot?

    The idea as to why the auction is limited to 1 per player is so that the auction list won't be clogged up with a bunch of different items and so that the player wouldn't have a hard time looking for items.

    I hope this would be looked into. Denied or not, I just want to find a way to help the economy of empire minecraft by making it easier to auction items.

    If this has been suggested already then please feel free to close the thread. I'm new to this server and just started today. :)

    You can now buy items even you live on different time zones.
    No troll bids. (I'm not sure if people troll bid here. If no then that's a relief.)

    Might be hard to code?
    Seems a bit complicated. (I believe that the developers would find a way to make it easier if implemented.)
  2. I think this may be too much for in-game things. I prefer to keep the auctions in the forums so it gives player more of an incentive to go to the forums. It's all up to Aikar to decide.