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  1. Now, now, hear me out. I'm not asking for creative as a perk or anything this is what I'm simply asking.

    Imagine having friends and you want to build a mall or shop or something amazing together. Ah, but alas you lack the place to build it with them. Well, that's were CMP1 comes (Creative Multi-Player).

    A world with 60x60 reses. Now unlike all of the SMPs claiming reses here doesn't count towards your total. For example: Having 4 reses on SMP9 doesn't count towards your res total on CMP1.

    As I was saying players claim 60x60 reses the permissions system is still set up, now here's the fun part: There's no economic status, you cannot transfer items through the /vault and promos cannot be claimed there. Mail is also unavailable as is /stables.

    It's a whole new world were players may build amazing things in creative with their friends.

    But what's the point of this server? Well I'll tell you.

    This allows people to interact with their friends and play with each other to reach a common goal. The worries of player playing more on CMP1 and any SMP server is illogical because we all want to play Survival at some point.

    So to sum everything up, a new creative server that only supports the res claim, and permission plug-ins. There's no economic aspect, wild, waste, nether, or end. There is only 60x60 reses for players to build epic things on.

    If the staff does so choose supporter's perks can transfer to here. Meaning Free Players can only claim their max reses, and so on so forth.
  2. Good idea, but I sadly think this has been suggested but denied many times :(
  3. I believe this to be a grand idea
  4. Well see that denied the fact that players would have creative on the SMP servers. This is completely different it suggests a server dedicated to the community to work together to make things. I believe that's what EMC is about, and what makes it one of the best servers out there. It's because it has a community that communicates.
  5. Ah, in that case, I understand a little better. +1 from Bro
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  6. +1 ONLY if the empire has enough money.
  7. I love this idea! Will also let friends try out new ideas before they build it on a Smp :D

    +1 :D
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  8. This was posted "recently" regarding creative servers (disregard the title, the post clearly is about creative in general).
    The only way I would support this or actively use this CMP1 idea would be if it was an exact copy of the SMP# servers (plugin wise, not world). EMC lag/ticks/entity limits are so flippin weird that it is often difficult to design complex precision machines in single player. I would purely use an EMC creative server to build machines on because it is a replica environment.
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  9. I think we have enough :p It's not a matter of having to buy a server like shared hosting providers offer as EMC runs on complex Dedicated Servers, meaning that if Aikar decides that there is enough space free on the box that he can make another one whenever he wants :p
  10. Well as the title of that post says "Creative for Supporters" this is a creative server for everyone to use. This doesn't take anything out of the SMPs.

    CMP1 would be and exact replica of an SMP town, but instead of Survival all players are donned with creative. Because of this nothing has any economic value, nothing can be transported out of the server and nothing can be brought in. Nothing can be claimed through /mail and nothing can be broken because of permissions. I believe that this would bring the community aspect of EMC together to create something amazing. Because what makes EMC so amazing is the fact that it's built for the community and by the community. For those reasons alone is this idea not plausible?
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  11. +1 from me. Your whole idea, not just supporter, but everyone is nice. Only downfall I see is running out of residences.
  12. Same here, but one step at a time. EMC start with only one SMP in the beginning
  13. Just gonna refresh. :D
  14. I like the idea although i don't believe that they will make one. mainly because a creative server in my opinion would somewhat destroy a couple concepts of emc, aslo, what would wild and nether be like? there would be no point to it and also in my opinion those are what makes "The world of empire minecraft go round"
  15. As stated in original post there would be no wild or nether, and which concepts would be "destroyed"? I'm confused by this please elaborate.
  16. what i think is that empire minecraft servers would not work without a wild, i understand it wouldn't be needed for a creative server but as most said this is highly unlikely to happen. to shorten it i wouldn't think EMC would work the way it does...
  17. Well, why wouldn't a Creative Server work without a wild?

    And I only see a few who said that this would be unlikely to happen. Only because they went based off an old thread made by NZ Scruffy, I believe it was posted somewhere in here. One of the few major differences between this thread and NZ Scruffy's thread is that this would be for everyone, not just limited to Supporters. Meaning that even free players would be able to use it, but as a bonus supporters are allowed to claim more reses for the Creative Server.

    This is purely a server meant for the people of EMC to have an easier time constructing builds together. Also I feel with EULA coming out it would be a nice addition for Supporters to have more incentive to support because I believe this would be allowed, now that Res Vouchers are out.
  18. Without reading every word in this thread. I would not say this is a "Denied" Suggestion. It is almost certain to happen eventually; but no current plans in the works right now.
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  19. I would figure, I mean I would rather have Drag.Tombs come out first :p I just figured I'd throw in my two cents, on how it could/should work.