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I was just wondering if the teams could be shown for the work they do, like it or no?

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  1. I was just thinking that the people in the Contribution Team should have a name displayed for them because they work hard like other staff. So I was wondering if all of the members of that team and other teams I am missing to get their names displayed for everyone to show the work they do.
  2. The team members each have their own recognition on the Wiki page. However, they are not actually considered staff members, so it might be confusing if they had their own members page because new members might think that they have Moderator abilities. :)
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  3. I know. ;)

    It seems he wanted the team members to have renegotiation by listing the names, I was pointing out that a list already existed. :p
  4. oh sorry I must have missed that some how
  5. Resolved issue. Locking thread.
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