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  1. Have you ever accidently clicked on a shop sign and brought something unwanted?

    Well this should be added! When you click a purchase/sell sign this should appear:


    Do you want to purchase {ITEM} for {PRICE} from {SELLER}?
    Click again to confirm the purchase


    Are you sure you want to sell {ITEM} for {PRICE} to {BUYER}?
    Click again to confirm selling
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  2. Maybe, and only maybe, for a certain rupee count or higher.

    I really don't want this when I'm buying 16 sugar cane for 2r and I need thousands of them, or anything else along that line.

    Besides, then it will just move to double clicking everything, and that will become the habit.
  3. We already have this for the high-priced items such as enchantments. I think it would require server resources that could be used for something else. Plus, if you do accidentally click on a sign you are allowed to ask for a refund unless the shop owner has previously stated no refunds. That is my understanding of it at least.
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  4. You swooped in before me, ha. But I agree with you on this. Could be extremely annoying when you are wanting to buy a stack of roses and the shop only sells one at a time.
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  5. maybe have a command like

    /confirm off/on/status
  6. But then wouldn't most people choose to have that turned off and we would be back to square one?
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  7. This is a rather good idea in theory, but like many good theories, it will end up being bad in reality.
  8. What about like over 1,000 you would have to hit the sign once more or type /confirm or something similar?
  9. I actually support this. But only if it's a high amount of rupees.

    It would be annoying to buy a whole chest confirming each time
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  10. I agree that it would come in handy for those times when your hand spazzes and you accidentally punch a sign or you forget which is Buy and which is sell and you click wrong.

    But as Hayley said, if you talk to the shop owner they might refund your rupees.

    Also there are times that it lags and reads as if I'm trying to place a block or punch the sign down so in those cases it would add more issues.
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  11. I would like this for stuff over like 30r a piece I guess?
  12. [quote="CreppaNinga235, post: 1996] this is not necessary. [/quote]
    Please post comments that add depth and help to the discussion. This is not a bad suggestion and your 'How about no' meme is not required.

    Sorry if my formatting is off. Typing on the iPhone.
  13. we could maybe have a these commands:

    PC - Purchase Confirm -- SC - Selling Confirm
    PCM - Purchase Confirm Minimum

    /PC on/off/status
    /SC on/off/status
    /PCM on/off/status {Minimum cost before PC comes up}
    /SCM on/off/status {Minimum cost before SC comes up}
  14. How about confirm payments when using the /r pay command.
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  15. you have to right the whole name so if i was to right /r pay biscuitboy5396 1,000,000 it would be pretty hard to type anyway, you can get moderators to reset your rupees
  16. Or you could just take five seconds to read the sign before clicking.
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  17. this is when your hand spazz's and you click a buy/sell sign accdiently!
  18. If your hand is having spasms it might be wise to step away from the computer for a while.