[Suggestion] Community Farm

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Community Farm

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Yes :) 3 vote(s) 20.0%
No :( 3 vote(s) 20.0%
Maybe :() 9 vote(s) 60.0%
  1. Hello,

    So not sure if this has been brought up before... I was thinking that the old EMC shop locations on each server should be turned into a Community Farm... Now before people start crying saying what about the Economy!! Lets be honest, Farm stuff like wheat and seeds and fruit don't sell for much nor make people millions ;)

    But anyways, its just a thought :)
  2. You can actually sell lots of farm stuff and earn a good amount of rupees, besides they are easy to get :)
  3. Well I just want to point out that I have made a huge farm. It's in the sky and it crosses mine and my friends res. it's not public yet but it might be we are currently doing the last 3 huge auto wheat machines. :D
  4. There are a number of community farms throughout EMC. Though most you have to pay 10 rupees or something to use.
  5. Why should the staff build something that people will grief and what people are too lazy to make themselves.
  6. There are some farms If people are nice enough they will let you have perms