[SUGGESTION] Commands to go to a specific outpost

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Commands to go directly to a specific outpost?

Yay 8 vote(s) 72.7%
Nay 3 vote(s) 27.3%
  1. When you type /wild or /waste you end up at a random outpost.

    I guess the idea was to make more visible for new players that there are outpost,
    but it is very annoying for players who do know where they want to go.
    What makes it worse is that many wastelands portals do not work.
    (I've reported that bug soon after wastelands was added.)

    /waste-c -> go to Wastelands, central outpost
    /waste-nw -> go to Wastelands, northwest outpost
    /wild-n -> go to Frontier, north outpost
  2. How about turning random outpost selection off until this is implemented?
    So /wild would lead to the wild spawn, like it was before, /waste to the central Wastelands outpost.
  3. I don't think Aikar would want to add that - but I've linked to the thread on the ticket. :)
  4. Umm, try using /wild west, north, east, or south
  5. I remember the first thread of this :D I believe this is when they made it on the Tracker.
  6. Example for not working portals: NE outpost, portals to E and SE

    Tested on smp6:
    /waste -> random Wastelands outpost
    /wild -> random Frontier outpost
    /waste north : unknown command
    /wild north -> random Wastelands output
    /wild anything -> random Wastelands output
    /wild Aikar -> to Aikar's secret base
  7. I think you can go /v *reallylongoutpostresidencenamehere*

    It works in the frontier.
  8. /res tp Spawn_Wilderness_North, etc. Caps matter.
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