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Sky is a lie?

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  1. /Ignore command
    • /Ignore who
      • Tells you who you are currently ignoring
    • /Unignore all
      • Unignores everybody.
    /server command

    • /server home
      • Goes to the server that contains your first home
    • Not a suggestion, but letting you guys know that if you do /server, you can click on an SMP# and teleport there. Hovering over it displays player #.
    • This is a suggestion though: The server name should be the color that represents the server.
      • Inaccurate Example: SMP1 SMP2 SMP3 SMP4 SMP5 SMP6 SMP7 SMP8 SMP9
    • Remove "Stage" from the list of servers for people who cannot get there (Over 100,000)
  2. /ignore list already exists
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  3. /ignore list
    Edit: Ninjas, ninjas everywhere :eek:
  4. Even my Edit ninja'd you.
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  5. What about /server homesweethome?
  6. i think that on the tracker somewhere there is a way to /home from any server and it would change servers, or /v 13131 from another server and go to 6.

    last i heard it just isnt possible without alot of coding on bungee
  7. I dunno, I like how trolly that is. :p It's not like LocalDev or anything's on there, anyway.
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  8. When I saw that, I was excited *OMG THEY ACTUALLY LET ME ON STAGE! YAY*. Then I clicked on it and spent 1 hours, 27 minutes, and 44 seconds crying.
  9. You time such things? :o