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  1. So when you need staff? Their not there how about a command to call a staff member like /report online so if you need to deal with griefing etc something where you cant use /report and no staff are on the site then you type

    Or something along them lines
    the staff then do
    so we dont get all the staff coming

    Any suggestions?
  2. Each report from in game is looked into, unfortunately not always immediately due to the limitations of humans... the one thing i would like to see added is a way to send a report to Square from the website, you can always start a conversation with a moderator but they always seem to go offline from the site just as I send the message. A downside I can :think of is abusing it such as trying to appeal a ban or the like.
  3. I think that this is a good idea, but I agree that it will get abused. I would have put a poll, but oh well.
  4. I have seen this on other servers, it was "/modreq"

    Its great, if you do it on smp1, that mods see it on ALL servers, smp2, smp3, Utopia, ect.
  5. Explain this more. Are you talking about a command to message staff in the game and let them know to say - leave smp2 and come to smp3?

    Every issue should be /reported, and the staff member will generally contact you regarding the evidence. You can be proactive as well and send out the evidence ahead of time.
  6. its like this:
    So then if your griefed no mods are online on the site to PM so to get it sorted faster use the command /modreq to get it sorted
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  7. But what gain does it do if no mods are at their PC?

    /report is the solution for this... any mod who is online and able to assist can see /report the easiest. It doesn't matter if they are listed on the site online list or not...

    If your getting griefed and no mods are online, no form of new command is really going to help....

    When were online and we see "griefing in progress" type reports we usually jump their instantly.

    We get notifications that popup on our OS when a report comes in, so we don't even have to be looking at the browser...

    /report is already there and covers this.
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  8. The only reason that I ever need to physically get a mod from another server is when someone is spamming off the charts and mods are needed immediately. In those situations, sometimes /report isn't fast enough, so I find a mod on another server and get them, if someone hasn't already beaten me to it. That's the only time I ever have to find them; I don't think we need a specific command for it. If you need a staff member, get them yourself.
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  9. Yep same here. Best way to get a mod when people are spamming, cussing, or anything in chat that the server is not kicking for automatically.
  10. I don't entirely know how Square works, but a mod can be in-game without being logged into the site... So they aren't going to show up as a staff member online.
  11. I remember the command /find mod being suggested when Square came out, it would be great. :)
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  12. I do believe his would be the most efective\efficent way too