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  1. So, this would be classified as a mini-boss, 3 times as rare as a regular miniboss.

    - This thing gives precisely 0 cares about whether or not you have miniboss spawning turned on or not in your /ps, it'll still come and flip your crap.
    - You have to be at y 100 or higher to get it, aka standing on something tall.
    - The boss is a series of events. First, a pack of 5 netherhounds spawns within 10 blocks of and tries to kill you. If you kill them, a Marlix spawns in and shoots you off the tower you were standing on, then fires some TNT from its butt to destroy the building you were on. If you are still alive, then Momentus comes in and gives the message "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" and starts running around breaking all the blocks he can and acts like an iron golem, throwing you 400 blocks into the area if you touch him (sorry if you get teleported to him but you still get thrown 400 blocks into the air).
    - The boss will drop 4 dirt named "My condolences" if you kill it.
    - If you die, everything despawns.
    - All of the mobs should be named "Cleanup Crew Member #[insert mob number]".

    I think this would be fantastic.

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  2. very interesting.... Aikar will soon approve :p
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  3. That doesn't make much sense at all...
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  4. I thought this was about a group of players that would clean up the wild and I had to read this a few times before I understood

    edit: I don't think players with less expensive gear would appreciate this one :c
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  6. Or people with multilevel multiplatform iron farms.. xD
  7. Only 5 netherhounds? It needs more. 40 will do perfectly.
  8. I must have missed that part >.>
  9. there should be a special ps for this... i'm in the wild about 75% of the time im on emc. if i died fighting this... crew, i would rage quit... forever

    I reread this... I guess it's not that bad, although half of my base is that high

    id say 50 netherhounds
  10. I agree... 5 netherhounds are nothing! 40 more will be, like penguin said, perfect!
  11. Only 40? I think 400 will suffice.
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  12. Meh, this seems OP. Plus new players wouldnt like being killed in their first few days on the Empire, and losing all their stuff.
  13. When can I fight them?
  14. what does /s mean?
  15. Sarcasm =P
  16. Do the nether hounds fly? Because if you are on a pillar then they must fly to attack you? Or am I just not understanding this at all like always?