[Suggestion] Claiming Land for an Outpost -Post Dragon Tomb-

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  1. Hey guys!

    This suggestion isn't exactly perfect, and I expect a lot of negative feedback, but I think it could be very helpful for some people and not really take away from the point of Dragon Eggs.

    The idea is pretty simple: People creating / who have outposts can request land to be protected.

    Here's what I think should be qualifications for it:
    - Been here for over 200 days
    - Has explained how people join the outpost
    - Explains why it should be "funded" by EMC
    - Show a basic idea of how it will work, what it will look like, etc. (Images from SP possibly)
    - Have an area already chosen
    - Constant EMC activity.
    - Easy but hidden access to get there

    Here is my reasoning for each:
    - Been here for over 200 days.

    I know this one is going to get a lot of negativity, but I'm including it for a reason. If new members come and show an amazing idea for it then that's great, but there's no guarantee they are really *dedicated* to EMC. They could stop showing up at one point and nobody would know what happened. If you've been here for over 200 days then you are showing a continued interest in EMC. This means your outpost is more likely to not crash and burn in a week.

    - Has explained how people join the outpost

    You need to have this there so people don't just claim the land for themselves. Without a staff approved way for admission the outpost, you could make it very difficult, and since it would be protected land you'd have it to yourself.

    - Explains why is should be "funded" by EMC

    You would basically be getting free land from the staff here. What makes it worth their time? How can it help EMC grow?

    - Show a basic idea of how it will work, what it will look like, etc. (Images from SP possibly)

    Anyone can do all of the above and still have no idea how to create an outpost. For a good outpost it can't just be a wooden shack floating above jungle with a dirt stairway leading down. If the staff are going to protect it, it should be WORTH protection. It should take a while to set it up, not just a couple minutes.

    - Have an area already chosen

    You could have this beautiful place made on single player and have it all worked out in your head, but if you don't actually have the location.... well... that's pointless.

    - Constant EMC activity.

    This one is a little harder to monitor, but it is the same as the first. If you are given free land, you should USE the land, not just have it there and never log in again. Stuff comes up and everybody- knows that, but if you are only on sporadically, you shouldn't make an outpost in the first place.

    - Easy but hidden access

    You don't want people constantly dying on their way there. The most effective way is a railway in the nether. You get out further faster, and safer. I personally don't like railways because of A) Constant maintenance, and B) they attract a lot of attention if found.

    Those are the qualifications I think are necessary before even being CONSIDERED for it. A dragon egg / claimed land is expensive and the staff should be guaranteed they won't regret it.

    How I think this could work.

    I think it can work in certain levels. You want to apply so you message a MODERATOR. If the moderator finds it sufficient, they pass it on to the Administrators and then they make a final decision. This allows the moderators to weed out the less appealing outposts, making it easier for the admins to continue what they do.

    Staff members should be updated on how the outpost is going. Admins could "assign" a staff member to your outpost (1 outpost per moderator - limiting the total amount) and if it becomes inactive you receive a 1 week warning. If activity isn't picked up then you lose your protected land. Simple as that. Keeping the staff updated will also prevent it from being shut down if you are gone for an unexpected absence. (Family issues, work, injury, etc.) You can just message the staff. They understand that stuff pops up.

    After getting it cleared by the admins, you are given a set amount of time to set everything up. If it looks how you said it would, then you receive your protection.

    How would this benefit EMC?

    Not everyone will be capable of getting a dragon egg. Finding a tomb alone will be difficult for some. This gives players a CHANCE at an egg.
    This gives players more of a reason to go to the wild. Protected land can't be griefed, which is a major deterrent for some people.
    I've seen plenty of people who ONLY stay in town leave EMC because it's "boring." They don't even leave town.

    Here's how an application COULD look.
    Name: Crazy1800
    Joined: Dec 20, 2011
    Why should you get this land: I hope to bring more people out into the wild.Increasing activity will make it more enjoyable for people.
    *Insert pictures of Farm, storage, mine, housing, etc. Made in SP*
    *Insert pictures of path that leads there*
    *Insert picture of area chosen*

    Insert that into a conversation with any staff member and the process can progress from there. It won't take away from the "earning a dragon egg" experience because there is a lot of people who can benefit from this, but few who can actually make it happen. How the exact process would work is up to the staff, but this would be very nice for getting more people out into the wild.
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  2. It would certainly be extremely useful for enforcing the New Republic's sovereignty :)
  3. I like this idea, like a lot :D
  4. How big is the area that are going to be protected going to be? I like the idea :D
  5. Yours was one of the outposts I was thinking of. I'm really interested in how it will turn out. It seems really cool/complex, but a lot of it seems difficult to manage/enforce haha.

    That's great! I was expecting feedback of "You're gonna ruin dragon eggs! blah blah blah"

    I'm not exactly sure, but it depends on dragon egg protection zones also. It could be 100 or several hundred. I think it'll be fair amount really. Enough to get the main area protected
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  6. I'm all for everyone being able to get an egg and claim land. I don't see the need in being part of a wild outpost. Brit was asking me about this, we're just trying to figure out what you mean. It sounds like "The only people able to use these are those with outposts." but I doubt you mean that. Do you mean outpost as in something like the LLO, Pazzo or Wild Reach? Or outposts as in "I just ventured out and found a spawner and built a personal base for just me here."
  7. 200 days?Is that for everyone in the outpost?
  8. Yeah I mean like LLO and Pazzo. A large area where plenty of people can come, not just a couple friends. Not a makeshift type building for personal use. You make it with the intent for a lot of others to come. If people don't come, the land doesn't need to be protected.

    If someone is trying to get land for themselves, I have no suggestion other then buying / finding an egg on your own. This benefits many people over just the one

    The 200 days thing is for people trying to get the land protected. Anyone is allowed to enter the outpost. It would just take up a lot of the moderators time if new players could do this, even with good intent. New players are a lot less likely to stay for a duration of time whereas older players HAVE stayed, and obviously lived by the rules
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  9. Then there's no point in having Dragon Tombs if eggs are only going to be usable if you go out and make a huge outpost. I'm all for making them but there are times I don't feel like being in a huge outpost full of people, I'd rather have an outpost to go to for me to grind and not hear "CAN I USE SPWNR WURZ DA SPWNERZ? DUZ DIS OUTPOST HAZ SPWNERZ!?" or something. There are those people who live in the wild by themselves or with maybe a couple friends and this wouldn't help them at all.

    The eggs are so people can claim land and protect what they have out there. This is pretty much saying "Sorry your stuff is going to continue to be griefed unless you make a huge outpost because we're not gonna let you claim land."
  10. Yeah I do not really see the reason to be in outpost because half the time it gets on my nerves how some people build xD. I would want an egg for my own benefit nothing to big just enough room for me to build a little shop and house and ppl can stop buy and get some supplies if they need it. Also I would be able to have my own place out in the wild to do my own thing with out people greifing it. for example a safe place to put my nether portal so ppl will stop taking them apart when im in the nether and getting me all lost and crap when i come back xD
  11. I'd have to agree with that.. it doesn't seem as much of a disadvantage for loners, but something about it doesn't seem right. It's like guaranteed protection to those who like being with large groups. Everyone else would be left to find their own eggs. Also, if it was a big group, isn't there a greater possibility of them finding their own egg in the first place.....?
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  12. I would recommned lowering the required days you have been on EMC, but otherwise, this is a good idea :D
  13. I like the idea of giving land to already established communities in the wild, so they can be protected and not go to the problem of gathering enough eggs to protect what's already built.

    On the other hand, once dragon eggs are available, I think any new wild community should work to gather the eggs to protect their new community, and any community growing should go out to get new eggs to support their expansion plans.

    So I think any already stablished community should be able to contact Moderators and ask for their already stablished community to be protected.
  14. I'm not suggesting this as a replacement for dragon tombs. It's not so ONLY outposts can be protected. It's a way to allow people to live in the wild in a group without as much fear of being griefed.

    I personally haven't had this happen at any of my outposts, but the best way to keep people like this away is distance. Even if it's a straight and safe path, a lot of people won't be willing to make the journey, another reason I prefer walking over railways. If it's an outpost for you to just grind in peace then I would suggest keeping it on the DL and have only a few friends who are coming. You can't really be part of a huge outpost and not expect some people to be like that. A problem with the LLO wasn't it's size or that people knew where it was, it was just so easy to get to that immature people and griefers could easily access it.

    Basically this is for large, organized outposts to be protected. Not an outpost that is just 1,000 away from the protected zone of course. I've got my own little outpost that I only have close friends coming to and it seems more like what you would want. I don't want this suggestion being used for a group of 10. It's for large communities.

    It's not just for large groups. I came up with it more for organized people looking to bring more people to the wild. A large group would bring a better chance of finding an egg assuming that people all went out to look instead of just a few, and this would also bolster the community of the wild. A lot of people don't set up a wild camp because of griefers. This isn't going to protect every individual persons house, it's going to protect a main area, the center of the base. If they find more eggs then they can extend the protected reach.
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  15. I guess I'm just misreading what you are saying. But basically what I'm reading is that in order to be able to claim land we would have to have groups of 10+. If say 5 or 6 people decided they wanted an outpost then they wouldn't be able to claim land. As far as distance, Pazzo is a bit away but we were still hit with griefers.

    Something that comes to mind is like Pab10s who's personal outposs keep getting griefed, other people have griefers follow them out to their stuff and grief them. Why can't these people also get protection for their things instead of it only being for groups?
  16. I'm not thinking of it as "Numbers are more important" but "These outposts will help bring people to the wild"

    As far as I know with Pazzo, since there is / was a rail system it was easy for griefers to get there. When there are a lot of people there are always gonna be people who tell their friends who may grief. I think that if people want to keep their outposts private and to just them and some friends then that should include getting their stuff on their own and not relying on staff. This is more of a "Hey, we want to get a large group together and live in the wild" type thing instead of "we want to be alone in the wild and want to be safe there."

    I completely understand where your coming from, I just designed this suggestion targeting large encampments that are public over small private ones. I'm sure if they implicated this then there could be something people can do for smaller ones, but I personally feel that if you want to keep it small you shouldn't get the staff involved and get the eggs on your own.

    I also understand this idea has plenty of flaws that could and should be fixed
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  17. Not really, we just elect representatives and appoint them to complex positions. The New Republic works on the principle 'externally simple, internally complex'. :)