[Suggestion] Christmas promo!

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  1. So what i think the christmas promo item should be is......*drumroll*. i think it should be a sapling named christmas tree that when its planted it grows into the shape of a christmas tree and has wool on it like ornaments and lights :). simple and neat :D
  2. ummm someone already made a thread...
  3. I know but this is mine :p
  4. What about just a pig egg named "Christmas Dinner"
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  5. And unpopular...
  6. and soon it will be popular...
  7. We have to wait and see....
  8. Yes we does :p
  9. Not sure if it is possible to have a tree that grows into a massive Xmas tree with ornaments.
  10. but I think they do a promo for all the holidays lol christmas is defiantly on that list of holidays lol
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