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  1. So what I've recently noticed is that some players may accidentally buy a highly priced at a shop and may of not meant to do it. I think that anything about 2,500r (negotiable) should first prompt the player if they wish to buy this item, as it does with a SLOT shop chest. This could also become a sort of Play Your Way setting, in which you can enable or disable the feature based on your preferences, although this shouldn't affect SLOT shop chests as then they would be aimlessly buying random items that they may of not wanted in the first place. Please give any and all feedback on your opinions of this =)
  2. I don't really care if its implemented. But it is a good idea :). It will make more intelligent(to rethink) buys so i guess is good for other players other than me because I ALWAYS pay attention to what I'm Buying

    3 opinions
    • wouldn't it make donations shop signs strange? Because it would make you doubt if you want to donate?(though if you really want to donate you just would click it again)(-0.000000001)
    • Bulk/spam buying slow(-0.5) BUT if its a PYW option it would be fine(+0.1)
    • You always need to Read(+1)
    --Same as a contract
    --Math Exam

    You need to encourage reading for real life situations, and forcing you to read I don't know if its good or bad for the habit of reading automatically when you have to buy/sign something (+2 or -3)
  3. I like the play your way idea of it but I feel like it would slow down buying and someone making a purchase should always check the price to know what they are purchasing :p
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  4. That's exactly why I wanted it to be a Play Your Way option, because if someone wants to bulk buy they could then just turn it on and continue with their day =)
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  5. The idea of this is to ask people only if they're sure they want to purchase HIGH priced items, not all. For example, I witnessed earlier someone buy a Beacon on accident, luckily she got a refund from the kind owner. If you're bulk buying something above 2,500r per click I'd question what you're buying to be honest =P
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  6. i think for the most part, if a player asks most shopkeepers for a refund they will return the item. as always im opposed to things put in game to prevent people from not paying attention but this also take away from the community trust we should have on emc.
    its not like it is taking money a player does not have either i think this is mostly un-needed
  7. Great idea! That has happened to me many times and I very much agree with it. Only, it might slow it down.
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  8. It is a nice idea, but when you buy certain items it already has that! For example, I once bought a Enchanting book, It asked me to confirm purchase, But, this is still a good idea
  9. This is amazing. I remember once I accidentally bought a piece of 1000000 rupee dirt, and it took me a while to get it back
  10. i think if this is implemented it should be on things of a particularly high value, or if possible on something scaled to your wallet.

    so like 10k+ or say you have 200r anything more then 150r would give you the prompt, but if you have 2 mill r anything above say 250k would give you the prompt
  11. Nah I think it would be easier with the settings thing as Masterdude had suggested that was it wouldn't have to be changed from all the complaints easier to get it all done at once or even have an extra setting where you have the option to do what you suggested but then again it would probably be a lot of work still for players to use and moderators to set...
  12. its gonna be alot of work either way, but i think the original idea could use some perfecting. i mean even vets who would have this off normally could mistakenly hit something they didnt mean to.

    maybe in the playersettings you could set the upward limit for how much you want to be able to buy without the prompt? this way you could set a way that you will accept a loss of r for a product but also not mistakenly blow all your rupees
  13. 100% agreed
  14. That sounds like something you would do Caden :p
  15. I'm not too sure about this.

    It would be a good idea if it were to fix an immediate problem, but as someone else already mentioned before; I too think that most shop holders would have no problems at all to take back an item which a player bought a bit too hasty.

    Although I am all in favor of protecting (new) players from easily made mistakes I also think that you shouldn't take that too far. There comes a time where you simply need to be careful with the things you do, otherwise it'll have consequences. Personally I think that applies here as well.
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  16. +1
    Kewl. I once bought an accident donation dirt for about a 2k something; luckily the shop owner was on and I got it back.
  17. Mistakes are made by new and old players alike. The point of this is to prevent all further mistakes so that no one has to walk up to a Shop Owner and ask for a refund. There are a few that would refund, although that doesn't apply to everyone. I've seen occurrences where the Shop Owner flat out refused to refund someone of an overpriced item, merely because said Shop Owner wanted to keep the money, despite the returning of the item. And as bitemenow15 has stated, there could always be a "slider" of sorts to set the amount that it prompts you. Please keep in mind this would be able to be turned off and on at will, so it can't have any negative effects on the community besides greedy players that want to keep money from sorry players.
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  18. yeah liek i said i dont think in practice the idea is completely worthless i just think a little fine tuning is at hand, id be open to more suggestions (usually people take my additions to their ideas and run with it making it waaaay better then i planned)
  19. It is something I did do. :p