[SUGGESTION!] Chest Logs!

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  1. Okay, So.. My suggestion is simple!

    It's called chest logs...

    A mod thing that records logs of when every chest had been taken things out with their location,time and person that took stuff out. It would also record the chests broken.

    Idk if anything like this exists but it would help stop thieves.
  2. Just use the EMC Investigator
  3. But you can see who was there then invite them to your house and say it's for minecon tickets and make them play Russian Roulette.

    There's still a 99% percent chance of the real theif getting away with it... But it's work a shot?

    Haha get it? Worth a shot :p. Puns

    But well I think this would cause even more lag and a bigger strain on the server.
    That's why EMC only has a F&S and Lava logger, Nothing else.
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  4. I wouldn't quite say nothing else - but saying that they exist in public kinda defeats the purpose...
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  5. Im pretty sure i touched on this in a previous thread.

    But anyways.

    We offer everyone the complete ability to protect everything they own 100% with no way around it. In Town. Yes, if you choose to venture out side of town, you have to pay a fee for every chest to protect it. If it comes down to you worrying about those that you put on your chests, then you should not be putting them on here.

    Giving someone access to any container means just about the same as giving someone build, I can not ban someone for stealing, if they take something from a chest they have their name on, because it really comes down to hearsay for if they were allowed to take it or not.

    Stealing from unlocked chests is not cool, and it happens even to me. But thats why I never put anything I am not willing to lose anyways in an unlocked chest.

    If there were logs that could catch everything everyone was doing wrong, it would honestly defeat the purpose of the town, which is there to offer you a grief free, theft free, building environment above all else. You may say it would help, but then, think about the moderators, if someone knows that they can just call on a moderator or other staff member to check a 'chest log' they will not lock their chests. This will lead to you losing the involved staff you have, and it be replaced with a staff that is constantly tracking down petty thieves across the server as per request.

    Yes, we would catch people, but not without wasted time that could be used better to focus on community moderation. If you want your stuff protected... town is 100% free, and protected. If you have the rupees and the desire to venture deep into the wilderness, use a locked chest with just your name. It can never fail.
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  6. What would be good about chest logs, especially if you could check the log without calling a moderator?
    It would allow you to trust people more.
    It would allow more cooperation.
    You could get a team of players working on something together
    without fear that one of them could betray the trust of others and remain undetected.
    It would reduce stealing, because people would know that you can check.
    The most benefit would be in the town, in the shops and while building, where it would allow you to have staff / workers with container access.
  7. What would be bad about chest logs, especially if you could check them without calling a moderator?
    The blame game would start happening, and madness would occur.
    People wouldn't buy locked chests, defeating their point
    Even with evidence, some people would try (and fail at) to sort it out themselves instead of reporting it.
    Friction could occur, especially if someone knew someone else had stolen something, but made a deal not to report it in exchange for favors. aka blackmail

    All in all, just lock your chests. It's safe, and only costs 1000r.
  8. I see this differently - saying in public that griefing and stealing can be investigated would have very positive effects.
    It would reduce stealing and griefing, people will feel more secure, and will build more, have more fun, would like this server even more.

    I wonder for quite a long time why EMC staff is not dealing with (prevention of) stealing and griefing in a better way. I think that such safety would bring more players.
  9. They offer the tools to protect items, you just need to use them.

    In town, we have the lovely thing called Residence. Unless you pretty much give permission to people to grief, then they can't. If you don't give them chest access, then they can't steal. If they need to access a chest, use [ACCESS] signs, no need for a full out chest permission.

    Only give out permissions to people you trust with your life. That way, there's almost no chance of you being griefed or stolen from.

    Now, starting sometime soonish *looks at Eyecar*, Residence will be available in the wild for those who manage to defeat Fluffy the Enderdragon. If you really want to build in the wild, then there's your chance - but right now, when you do anything of value there, it's subject to being lost.

    But right now in the wild, we have locked chests. All you have to do is place a sign with 4 letters on it, press okay and everything in that chest is safe. If you don't want others with you even having a chance to steal your items, then don't give them access to the chest, and they have no way.

    Saying that EMC staff basically don't care about griefings or stealing is madness. I've had Shaun sorting one out for me at midnight (yeah... sorry Shaun...) in the past. Did he complain? No. Was he kind enough (and able) to sort it out? Yes.

    If you're griefed or stolen from, PM a mod with as much evidence as you have. Anything that could help, screenshot it and send it in, and I promise you, that mod will do their very best to help you. Even if it's midnight.
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  10. Who is that?
  11. Quite the opposite, no blame games, because the evidence would be there.

    Why do you think so?
    I would say only locked chests (and chests in the town) would have (meaningful) logs. (?)

    Which would be a good thing.
    Why do you think many / most would fail to sort problems out themselves?
    Are they incapable of social interaction, lacking social intelligence?

    Do you think a feature shouldn't be introduced because someone might abuse it?
    Oor might commit an offense with a distant, blurry relation to the feature?
    Do you think it is good that people are not able to detect the thief themselves?

    ... and has a completely different purpose with a questionable background...
  12. a completely different purpose? what are you referring to? as a rupee sink? its definitely not that. The reasoning for the high price is so they are not so easy to just spam across the wilderness.

    A questionable background? Please elaborate.

    Vague statements prove no points.
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  13. Dont worry SMOOCH he just uses loads of questions to confuse people without evidence etc
  14. Who says that?

    What is there on EMC to prevent griefing, how is this prevention working?
    Why shall safety cost that much? Most player can not afford 1000r to lock a chest.

    Do not mix the town and the wilderness, they are quite different and are not substitute for each other.

    BTW, you missed the point. I've written that chest logs would allow more cooperation and teamwork, allow people to trust each other more.
    The new group feature will work in that direction too. The intention is team building and community building...
  15. You.
    Anyway, I'm not going to argue with you. It's not worth it in the slightest.
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  16. Really ... just read again what I've written...
  17. This wont happen, the log files will be too big! People in and out of chests all day the servers will lag with everyone. Staff try their hardest to find out who did what but they can be limited and asking questions just to confuse people doesn't work, you not giving answers but only making annoying questions.
  18. This has been discussed already in different threads, for example http://empireminecraft.com/threads/suggestion-allow-chestshop-outside-of-town.16672/
    During lat 2-3 weeks I've took some time to read old threads. All of this and related questions have been discussed many times - economy, security and realted (griefing, stealing, stalking, map hide, cheating), fees, etc. So now I understand that "we've discussed that already - many times" better...

    locked chest - control access
    chest log - make possible to review who put into / took out stuff (with quantity), without access restriction.
    This would (as i understand it) apply to locked chests and chests in the town.
    I hope the locked chests will also work for groups / teams when this feature is implemented.
    The log would be similar to rupees log - and could be even better, so you can see a summary.

    The purpose of locked chests is to provide some limited security in the wilderness.
    The purpose of the 1000r fee is questionable:
    - prevent "spamming" the wilderness? Then why that high? That is too much for the majority. 50r would do. My suggestion: 50r up to 100 chests, 1000r afterwards. (100 if enabling shops in the wild, if not, then 20 might be good choice.)
    - create rupee sink? feature-discussion-empire-shop-update-v2.11757/page-11#post-190497
    - sell security? I hope not. /map hide should be free as well, /map show could cost something (in rupees) as it is really a special feature / "perk."

    IMO -
    - prevention of stealing and griefing is better than dealing with it after it happens
    - support of team (group) building and community building will bring more fun and more players into the game
    - chest logs would be a nice feature for groups / teams / cooperative shops / building, not a replacement for locking
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  20. How does my ChestShop in the wild have anything to with this? I was asking if selling would be allowed not logging entry to chests. As I said before:
    The logs will be too big that is why there is no specific rollback/block log plugin, loads of players on 2 server Minecraft server hosted on 1 normal life server will fill it up 32GB won't last long with that many players and the worlds are as big now!

    Prevention the the wild being spammed is a good thing! If people can't afford to buy a locked chest then MAKE MONEY! and dont' beg! If you had a town/village or if you are part of one, griefers don't have to destroy they can build like the wiki said:
    Creation - Where building can cause destruction, with Pixel art and in this case Locked Chests. Mods/Snr. Staff (Snr. I think) cant destroy Locked Chests.

    They sell security because if people want it then they buy it! I have been to many places with no Locked Chests and they don't want/need it because they have a trusting community, other community's that are more widely public do, for safe keeping with a flow of people coming to them all the time.

    /map hide is a command given to supporters that want to stay secret, your suggestion of /map hide being free is a TERRIBLE idea how many times have you been lost and use Livemap to get home? I have loads, and no other server (that I have seen) offers this command, so paying for it you should get some new things that others cannot.