[Suggestion] Allow ChestShop Outside Of Town!

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by nfell2009, Oct 18, 2012.


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  1. Hi

    As the title mainly says it, so we can do shops outside of town and have them auto-locked but if people dont buy from it 10 days or so then he gets auto-unlocked to stop people abusing it

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  2. I say pay 1000r for a chest shop in wild and it will lock, I see that as the only fair way and impossible to abuse.
  3. I think wild shops are planned for the future, along with more survival-focused wild on EMC. :)
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  4. It could follow the derelict policy of the town. If the owner gets the residence(s) unclaimed and reseted, then all locked chests (without an active player having access) and shop-chests in the wild shall become unlocked.

    BTW, this idea already has a thread somewhere...
  5. I believe when we begin the discussions for the wild update, this will be among them. Perhaps they can be used on wilderness claimed land once the dragon tomb/wild outpost updates are implemented. :)
  6. Good idea but who would pay for a locked chest if you can make a chestshop? just store all your stuff in there and get your friend to buy some dirt once in a while. :)
  7. I know about two reasons to have the locking fee -
    - to create a money sink - where to sell security and protection (and expose poor to theft and griefing) is not really a nice idea, and neither is taking rupees away from people just like that
    - to "prevent the wilderness from being littered with locked chests" - where I'd vote to solve this problem in another way: increase locking fee only if the player already has more than 100 locked chests,
    treat in usual way if locked chests are misused for griefing

    So the fee could be reduced to something like 50r per chest - up to 100 chests, then increased significantly (1000r)
  8. Good idea but I can kid of see a faint picture of a FREE DIAMONDS pitfall trap or it being surrounded in lava. I do like the idea, but personally I think that the wild should kinda stay the wild.
  9. Wilderness is so huge, there is enough space for millions of players, for thousands of towns and thousands of jungles, deserts etc...
    Did you know :)
    - that the Wilderness (surface, on each server) is about 8 times bigger then the planet Earth?
    - that you can get more than 30,000 blocks away from the /wild spawn in less than 10 min?

    PS: Some people (still) think that "wilderness" means that stealing and griefing is kind of allowed. That's, of course, not the case.
  10. Wilderness claimed land? yay! Can't wait! This is what I've been waiting for. The only question is, will the size be limited? Anyway, if this comes out then the chest shop in the wild seems practical
  11. That's not my point. I think that the wild shouldn't be majorly altered. Dragon tombs are fine and fun, ChestShop is okay, but just don't change the wild so much that it isn't like the wild anymore.
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  12. Yes it will be, and you'll have to defeat Fluffy the Enderdragon to claim land anyway.
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  13. Would be useful for big outposts like the LLO :) Also, I spend most of my time in the wilderness, and want to help players out, so if somebody was to come across a shop in the wild by me, it would make rupees easier for me.
  14. I've thought on setting some sort of Shop in a wild base community and it sounds fun... like selling survival things... food..stuff.. lol
    Didn't do it because would be that i'd have to be there and recieve the /r pay command to throw the person the stuff... AND because my computer doesn't stand wild.
  15. Good concept, needs tweeking though. If it just allows you to make a shop in the wild like in town, it would basicly be free protection.
  16. I thought for outpost's like a shop district, that way people can make money as well as being out in the wild
  17. 5or / chest up to 100 chests, then 1000r per chest, I think that would be appropriate.
    Derelict policy like in the town.