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  1. Whenever you switch into Local, Residence etc., you still hear Town (and Supporter, I guess). It would be really nice if there was a command like, /c hearothers that made you only hear the chat channel that you were in.
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  2. You can still hear town and supporter chat
    EDIT: You can still hear town and supporter chat even if your on local/res chat in town
  3. I think he means that you should be able to only hear your specific chat group I think.
  4. Me like, this would be quite useful for things like Mob Arena, you could get rid of town chat and only hear those in the arena.
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  5. It would be /c leave t

    You could do that some time ago but it takes up too much CPU
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  6. I don't think it would take up that much, it already blocks local/res/supporter from other people (and town if you're in the wild) so how hard would be to make an option to block them?
    EDIT: CPU = central processing unit :b
  7. it was removed because everytime a chat message is sent, it has to check everyone's chat channels and who's is turned off or on.
  8. It already has to do that if you just start talking for people in the wild, if you're talking in local, res, supporter, etc.
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  9. There's only a few people that know the real mechanics of it all, but Jeanz is correct. It wasn't so much that it was a massive strain, more that it was too big a strain for the small amount of people that actually used it.

    Personally I used /ch channel leave a lot and would love it back. :)
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  10. Ditto :D
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  11. I think this is a planned feature. I have heard that Aikar is working on groups who can have their own chat. So, something like this would very likely come with that update. Also, this update is expected to come before dragon tombs!
  12. So just give it a year or two?
  13. he already knew you could hear them.. he doesn't want to, which is the point of this thread...
    ditto ditto :D
  14. Yeah... kinda figured :/