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  1. We all know trying to find the center of your plot can be a pain,
    So this is a simple command that I think will be use full for some to find the middle block of their plot , for example /plot center or any other commands you can think of
  2. Yes, please, just /res center... it wouldn't be hard but it would be so useful.
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  3. The only issue I see with this is that plots are 60x60 making the center a 2x2 area, and listing all coordinate points of each of the 4 blocks could make the interface 'messy'.
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  4. What if, instead of listing the center of the property, the command listed how far away the two nearest edges are/what direction they're in?
  5. Or it simply made the blocks change to like a 2x2 of gold blocks, visible only by the player, and if punched (or updated in anyway) changed back to the previous block? I've seen this feature in a land claiming plugin, and it's relatively useful in many circumstances.
  6. This would be so useful
  7. How about just walking in two different directions with the coordinates (F3) up on the screen. Find the halfway point.
  8. But it's such a hassleā€¦
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