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I like it as it is 3 vote(s) 18.8%
I like it, but there could be some changes to the idea 5 vote(s) 31.3%
I like it, but I don't know if we should add it to the server 5 vote(s) 31.3%
I do like it, but we shouldn't add it just yet 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I do not like it at all 3 vote(s) 18.8%
  1. I have seen the Mob arena, and even participated in it once, which I died that one time. However, I thought of the idea of a Capture The Flag arena. I have seen it on other servers and I've seen Capture the Flag as an upcoming feature for Minecraft, according to the Minecraft Wiki. I think this would be great fun for everyone and would not include Dying! It would be a 1 round match.

    What would happen in the CTF arena?
    • No pvp. Definitely no pvp (except for punching to tag, which is explained below) as it is not allowed on EMC. It would also make the arena less fun and not used much
    • Monthly game. The capture the flag games would happen once a month, except on special days determined by the staff. There would also be a Player versus Staff game where all the players who aren't staff play against the staff themselves. These Player v. Staff games would happen every 6 months
    • Terrain. There would be a new terrain in the arena every game. As there would only be 1 game per month, this would be good to do. Also, the chest that the flag (a colored piece of wool) would be in would not be put down until 1 minute before the game starts. This would be done by staff, and only 1 person on the team would know where their flag is. The terrain would range from Extreme hills, to ocean, to desert, to tundra biomes. These would be created by the staff running the arena.
    • Prizes. The prizes would be 100 rupees for everyone on the winning team. For the losing team, even though they lost, they would get 10 rupees each as a reward for playing.
    • Jail and such. There would be 1 jail for each team. You would go to jail if you are tagged by the opposite team. To tag, you would punch them. They would not take damage, but they would be teleported to the team's jail by the staff members running the game.
    • Building in the arena. There is no building allowed in the arena. It would already have a lot of biomes to hide in to keep from being tagged, so there is no use for building a defensive structure. However, trenches would be able to be dug, but only if it is on your side. If you dig a trench on the other team's side, you would be sent to jail.
    • Teams. The teams would be picked by the players participating in the event. The staff will choose 2 team captains. The teams, once picked, would have their player names temporarily changed to the colors Red and Dark Blue, depending on their team. The name colors would be switched back after the game is over
    • Finally, rules about trading and items brought to the arena. You may bring items to the arena, but these are limited. The items you may bring are:
      • Boats (for use on water)
      • Food (no use really, but as it wouldn't cause a disruption so why not)
      • Potions (as long as they are not potions of invisibility, as that would be cheating to not get tagged)
      • Armor (same as with food. not really of use, but it won't cause a disruption)

    So, Thats what I have to say about the Capture The Flag arena and its games that I would like to see happen on the server. Do you like it or do you not. Do you like it as is, or do you think there could be some changes to this, or do you think it just wouldn't work?

    Im open to all feedback on this idea.
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  2. I like it but it shouldn't be added. This is in my HO
  3. Make a seperate server for it?
  4. It sounds cool but to complicated to implement now. Also I think if this was going to happen, the teams should be randomly split up because it would take to much time to choose teams
  5. This is the sort of thing EMC will put in it's pvp server. Nuff' said.
  6. @Princebee EMC is known for being a non-pvp server, we do not plan to change it.
  7. False, a PvP server has been mentioned and could well just happen, but not for the very far future
  8. Okay.
    Couple of things to mention about eavh bullet above
    • No pvp - Although I agree with this, there is a CTF plugin that gives players an option to choose a pre-set class, and then go kill enemies on opposing teams, but if you die, you just respawn as the same class with all the same items. Regular EMC items are not used.
    • Monthly Game - Look at mob arena. Those are held twice a week. CTF should be like one a week, maybe Friday, and the staff game once a month. Kind of like the mob arenas held biweekly, and the monthly sword game.
    • Terrain - Again, the plugin comes with a lot of preset maps. And all members of the team will know where the location of their team's flag is, otherwise there would be no way to guard the flag.
    • Prizes - Although I like the idea of having winnings, the winnings should be lower, and the losing team shouldn't get any winnings. I also think winnings should go up/down based upon either how many kills a player gets, and/or how many times they capture the flag. Kind of like COD and Halo.
    • Jail and Such - No jails, just spawn points, because you can get killed.
    • Building - I have to say I agree with you here. No building should be allowed, because someone could just try to obsidian the flag.
    • Teams - Teams should not be picked, and staff should not pick captains, because all that would be is playing favorites. Players should be randomized. You go into arena, you are randomly put on a team after all players are in. Also, Red and Light Blue, because if the color was dark blue, I know people that have colorblindness that would confuse the two. Team color changes armor color too possibly.
    • Rules about trading and items - I already said this, no items allowed into the arena, and items should not be drop-able, so this section can be entirely eliminated.
    I hope you'll take all this into consideration!
  9. Well there is the chance of Dystopia having pvp... No one knows yet except for dem purple guys